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Do The Right Thing

Probst asks Ashley if she's enjoying all of this, because if the attention is on someone else then it's not on her. Ashley says that while Ben and Jaison's fight could be good news for her, she packed her bags tonight and knows she may well be going home. Why even bother talking to her, Probst? Why not ask Ben if he's ever called a white woman "ghetto trash?" Or said she ate ketchup sandwiches and drank Kool-Aid? Because I'll bet the answer is no. Instead, Probst just asks Ben if he wants to apologize to Jaison. Of course, he doesn't. So Probst dismisses Shambo, who looks plenty happy to be out of that poisonous environment and will hopefully gain a greater appreciation for her tribe and the lack of irredeemable assholes on it, and says it's time to vote.

Ashley votes for Ben and tells him to "grow up." Ben votes for Ashley, saying, "You knew it was coming." Probst reads off the votes: one for Ashley. And the rest are for Ben. GOOD. Get off the show and go away forever. "Thank God," Ashley mutters. Thank Jaison, actually. He's looking pretty happy about everything, as well he should. Probst snuffs Ben's torch and a weird sound effect plays. Maybe it's the sound of the casting people finally learning their lesson about recruiting assholes they meet in bars? Anyway, I just feel bad for Marisa and Betsy now, because they have to be subjected to this guy in the Loser's Lodge.

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