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Do The Right Thing

Finally, we go over to Galu, where Erik, Brett, the blonde and either Monica or the woman who looks just like her are doing yoga. Oh! It is the girl who looks like Monica, and her name is Laura. I think I'll be able to tell her and Monica apart from now on. All the same, I'd like to see one of them be voted out soon to save me the trouble. Laura says that things around camp are good, and everyone is helping out and pitching in. Thus, she says, they can just hang out and not always be in "game mode," which she thinks is a big advantage over the other tribe. Except that, as Li'l Russell pointed out, no one on Foa Foa is in game mode, either. Also, as those of us who actually watch this show (a.k.a. no one in this recruited cast) have seen before, it's the tribe that gets too comfortable that ends up losing in the end. Suddenly, military music starts up, which means that Shambo must be about. Sure enough, she's watching the yoga with a look of pure disgust. "Are you freakin' kidding me?" she interviews. She acknowledges that she's on the outs with her tribe, but blames that on not being in the "90210 clique" and not because, you know, she broke all their fishing gear and is generally unpleasant. Shambo is a moron. Also, how is Laura part of a "90210 clique?" She's 39. And a grandmother. I guess she's the Gabrielle Carteris. Shampoo says that she's being the "Rambo Shambo provider" while the rest of the tribe sits around and does nothing. Meanwhile, she hasn't provided them with any of the fish she promised and she broke their snorkel, making it that much more difficult for anyone else to provide fish, either. Shamwow smacks a log against a tree for some reason.

Thanks for those two minutes, Galu. Back to Foa Foa! Li'l Russell gets right to work and tells Ben that Ashley wanted Ben gone last night, and she's a threat that needs to be removed. He wants to blindside Ashley next and interviews that he planted a seed in Ben's head that will grow into a tree of Ashley being voted out. "It's called a Russell seed," he titles. That just sounds gross. And is he really suggesting that his technique of turning one tribe member against another one is all that new and special? Because it's been done on this show many times before. And done better.

Ben, his mind completely taken over by Li'l Russell, goes to Ashley and accuses her of stabbing him in the back at Tribal Council. He says he knows she's been talking about getting rid of him because someone told him so. Ashley asks who. "It wasn't Russell," Ben says. But he won't say who it was. Even though he already did, pretty much. Ashley walks away, since Ben is not worth her time or energy. I have a feeling that happens to him a lot. Li'l Russell interviews for the 1,000th time that he has everyone wrapped around his little finger and that he is totally awesome for it. Meanwhile, Ashley goes to the other blonde and tells her that Ben said that everyone told him that Ashley tried to engineer his ouster. The blonde says that's not true and she didn't say anything to Ben. "I know," Ashley says. The blonde says Ben irritates her. Ashley interviews that she is very confused now and doesn't feel safe because someone is obviously plotting against her and she doesn't know who.

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