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Do The Right Thing

Dave Ball and John return with the second crate and the wonder twins set out again. One of them tries to juke around Ashley, but that's kind of impossible in water and Ashley takes her down. The other twin helps to free her, only to get caught by Ashley herself. She cleverly and hilariously splashes water in Ashley's face and gets away. Meanwhile, Mick and Jaison finally get back with their crate, so Liz and the blonde square off against the other blonde. The blondes wrestle with each other and Probst somehow knows who is who. This is how you win the Best Reality Host Emmy, people. They get past the battle zone, and it looks like they somehow managed to make up some ground on Galu. Nevertheless, Galu gets the crate back first and as Dave Ball and John run out to get the last one, Russell surprises Ben by wrestling with him, allowing John and Dave Ball to pass him easily. Very smart, Russell. Yasmin is fucking delighted with this, by the way. The Foa Foa women finally return with their crate. As Mick and Jaison head out, Ben copies Russell's move and takes him down so they can get by. They get to their last crate as John and Dave Ball rather slowly make their way back.

Galu gets all of their crates back first, but Foa Foa isn't very far behind. Foa Foa quickly thinks they've got a solution, but it's wrong because everything Foa Foa does is wrong. Everything. Galu soon announces that they have a solution. Probst checks it out and, as Foa Foa look on in agony, he pronounces Galu the winner. Shambo gets three more days! Probst gives Galu immunity again and says that Russell now must make a choice: either he can take the comfort reward or trade it in for some essential camp items, like another snorkel for Shambo to destroy. "Comfort or function?" Probst asks. Russell picks comfort, even though it came with trivial scented candles and the function choice had a nice waterproof tarp. I guess he realized that there's no point in taking functional items back to camp with Shambo around, and it's not like they're losing an immunity challenge anytime soon to be able to vote her out. The women seem thrilled with Russell's choice, while Erik and Dave Ball are not. Yasmin says that they have plenty of function and food and they need comfort. Russell says that he personally would have gone for function but he knows his group wanted comfort. And yet, he doesn't look too sure of his decision as he says this. He interviews that he knew the women wanted comfort and it was more important to him to keep them happy than the men. Dave Ball interviews that "Danger Dave" would have picked function with no reservations. Okay, but who is Danger Dave? Is that one of the blondes? Oh, I'm sorry -- that's what he calls himself. Clown. Like I said, I know Dave Ball personally and no one calls him "Danger Dave." Nor did he ever ask us to. Probst says Russell has another decision to make: who will go to Foa Foa? Russell picks Shambo. I think he should have sent Yasmin, just to torture poor Foa Foa with her obnoxiousness. But Shamwow isn't going to be any fun for them either, let's be real. And now Galu can do yoga without judgment. Probst dismisses the tribes, and Ben interviews that Ashley will pay for stabbing him in the back by being voted out. We'll see.

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