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Do The Right Thing

Foa Foa returns to camp and Shambo introduces herself to everyone. She calls herself "Shannon," so I'm really not sure if "Shambo" is her thing or the producers'. Or why she gets to be "Shambo," but Dave Ball can't be "Danger Dave." Shambo tells Mick that her tribe calls him "McDreamy." That makes sense. He's probably heard it before, though. Shambo gives Liz a big hug, calling her "one tough beast-like competitor." Mick interviews the obvious: Shambo was very different than Yasmin, and much more pleasant. "We'd like to adopt her," Mick says. Shambo says that she sees this visit to Foa Foa as a great opportunity to improve her interpersonal relationships with other people in the game. Such a good (if obvious) idea. What the hell was Yasmin thinking? Shambo calls Ben "beefcake." I do not understand how she can be so personable at Foa Foa and so unpleasant at Galu. It does not make sense. Shambo says that the people on this tribe are closer to her own age, so she gets along better with them. Well, they were closer to her age before they were either voted or medevac'ed out. Now I'm pretty sure they're younger, on average, than Galu. Shambo complains about her tribe to Foa Foa and how they're all lazy kids who do yoga instead of their chores. "YOGA?!" Liz exclaims with a frown. Liz HATES yoga, you guys! Yoga killed her mom. Mick interviews that he knows that Shambo has her own motives for saying what she's saying to them about her tribe, so he can't trust what she says. Even though she appears to be telling the truth as far as I can tell and her only motive right now is to vent. Which isn't very smart. "You guys appreciate me for the woman that I am," Shambo says. Whatever that means. Meanwhile, just in case you forgot he existed, since he hasn't been on camera since, like, one minute ago, Li'l Russell glares from afar.

Sometime later, Shambo takes out the scroll and reads the clues to the idol. By the second clue, it's pretty damn obvious that the idol is in a tree next to the firepit. How would the clue writers know that that's where Foa Foa put their firepit in advance, though? Could it be that the tribes are told where to set up camp by the producers? Hmmm! Also, I did not need this particular camera angle of Shambo's crotch. Li'l Russell reminds us that he already has the idol because he is brilliant and in control of everything.

Back at Galu, Russell gathers everyone together to announce that he wanted to take the functional stuff, but chose comfort because he's "the type of man that believes that you're supposed to take care of your women." The blonde makes a "Say what?" face. Excellent, blonde. Keep that up and I'll refer to you by whatever your name is. Meanwhile, the wonder twins are eating this up with a spoon and offer to fix up the beds for everyone. Gross. John interviews that he's still sore about Russell's choice, since it's not like the comfort items where all that comfortable anyway -- just pillows, beach towels and some palm frond mats. Seriously, where the hell is the hammock? There's always a hammock! Erik interviews that the tarp Russell gave up in the functional item bin was essential to protect them from rain and would ultimately have kept them much more comfortable than pillows. Oh! I see the blonde in a hammock, so they gave them one of those after all. The wonder twins enjoy their comfort items and stroke each other. What's that about? Anyway, way to set Russell up to fail there, producers. Isn't this show unfair enough without this?

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