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Clearly, nothing interesting is happening with the Heroes, so we return to the Villains, who are still trying to figure out how to build their shelter. Rob goes off to get some water, saying he's not feeling well. He interviews that he should have just taken control of the shelter and been a dictator from the get-go, but this time he tried to be diplomatic, which has gotten him nowhere. He tells Sandra that he's done with trying to help his tribemates, three of whom are currently hanging out on the beach and complaining about how the Heroes tribe is full of buff, strong guys while they have Randy. Rob walks off into the woods as Jerri and Douche watch. Douche says Rob seems to be having a "meltdown," hastening to point out that Douche himself remains mentally strong. It's kind of amazing how Douche can turn Rob walking into the woods into a statement about Douche's own inner strength.

And then the camera didn't get a shot of Rob's actual collapse, so they had to make it up. Jerri supposedly happens upon Rob lying in the woods with a towel under his head and his shoes at his side and wanders over to him, begging him to open his eyes. Jerri is a better actress than Rob is, as he weakly asks her to "get help," like we're supposed to believe the camera crew didn't radio for help as soon as Rob collapsed, but just left him there and waited until an actual contestant found him. Jerri interviews that she "saw the whole thing," although we aren't told exactly what "the whole thing" was. Jerri walks off to get help for Rob, as if turning to the camera guy and saying "HELP" wouldn't be enough. No, they want us to think that the only way Rob could get the medical assistance he required was if Jerri could summon Probst and the medical team all on her own. Since when did Probst stop by the camp for medical emergencies? He usually makes the contestants wait until after a challenge to be medevac'd. I guess his luxury hotel isn't too far away from the Villains' camp. Also, that whole segment we just saw was made-up bullshit, which is kind of surprising to me since I worked on this show and it used to be one of the most "real" reality shows out there. If they didn't get the footage -- for instance, the time Tom caught and killed that shark, the camera crew was busy filming Ian stubbing his toe and therefore missed one of the most survival-esque moments in Survivor history, OOPS -- they didn't go back and re-enact it. They just didn't have it and the contestants had to describe what happened in interviews instead. Apparently, that's not the case anymore.

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