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And then it's time for a combo reward/immunity challenge! Good thing Rob collapsed, thus giving the editors a good ten minutes of filler for an otherwise empty episode. The Villains do not seem surprised to see that Sugar was voted out last night. We do not get to see Randy's reaction to the ouster of his past nemesis, which is a wasted opportunity. What the hell, editors? Did you forget that Randy and Sugar hate each other? It was only a year ago, and it's not like you guys do anything other than edit this show year after year. Come on. Probst explains today's challenge, which is yet another recycled challenge from a past season. And since it looks like every single challenge this season is going to be recycled, I see no reason why I should have to recap the rules again. Instead, I can just link to the recap of the original challenge, like so. If the challenge people can't be bothered to do some actual work this season and think of something new, then why should I? At stake will be immunity and a very nice reward: a waterproof tarp.

Probst says that because the teammates have to run out for the cubes in pairs, they must even up the tribes by having the Villains sit out two people and the Heroes sit out one. Wait, what? Why sit out anyone at all? There are six blocks, so even the tribe that has all 10 members will have to have two members going out for a crate twice. Why not have the Heroes tribe, with 9 members, have to send 3 people out a second time? Or just make the Villains sit out one person so they have the same number of teammates for the puzzle section of the challenge. But it doesn't make sense that both tribes have to sit people out, especially since they knew this was going to be the second immunity challenge and thus, assuming that no one quit or was injured out of the game, it would be 10 against 9. It makes no sense to me. Even more confusing, despite the fact that Rob is so sick with "the flu," he is not one of the Villains chosen to sit out. Instead, it's Randy and Courtney, neither of whom lost consciousness this episode that we know of. What the hell? As for the Heroes, someone says that one of their strongest players "has to sit out." Why? Shouldn't all of their strongest players be in a challenge that requires physical strength to push those crates and lift them into the staircase? Rupert assumes that by "one of our strongest players," they mean him and volunteers to sit out, sounding disappointed. Probst points that out, and Rupert says his broken toe is keeping him from participating in the challenge. Unlike Stephenie's shoulder, which I'm sure is just fine for rolling and lifting giant wooden crates. The teams have a quick strategy session, where Amanda and Stephenie are shown suggesting that J.T. should lead them through this challenge since he's done it before. "One voice," Tom says. How soon he will regret those words.

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