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The Heroes climb the staircase to Tribal Council and take their seats. Probst talks to J.T. first, pointing out that the "mistfit Villains" are kicking the Heroes' asses. J.T. agrees that it's embarrassing and takes the blame for losing the immunity challenge today (or yesterday, if you believe the editors) before making sure to point out that no one would listen to him while everyone listened to Rob on the Villains' side. He says maybe he should have yelled at his group to shut up the way Rob did. I didn't see Rob scream at his group to shut up, actually. I saw him kindly apologize to someone for talking over her, but that's about it. Probst then turns to James and says he's never seen him look as frustrated as he was at the end of the challenge. James has only two things to say and he's going to repeat them over and over again, so I'm not surprised when he starts blathering on about "one voice" and how when he tried "make sure" that everybody was "being quiet" (after the challenge was over, so what was the point in that?), a "certain individual" just had to speak up and say that she was being quiet. Probst, of course, asks James to specify. James says it was Stephenie, then continues to tell us what he just said, which is that he was telling everyone to be quiet and she spoke up and said she was being quiet even though he wasn't talking to her specifically. Stephenie finally speaks up to say that this was after the challenge was over, and James was looking at her when he said "hey y'all," so she thought he was talking to her. Cirie and Tom, meanwhile, look uncomfortable because they are way too old for this. "Your name is not y'all," James says. Stephenie says she just doesn't understand why James is blaming her for the team losing the challenge when this all happened after the challenge was over. "Baby, it's not about you," James says; "it's really not. No matter how much you want it to be and how much you crave it to be, darling, it's not about you." Rupert just smirks because he knows, inside, that it's all about him. Stephenie tells James to "move on" and stop talking about her if it's not about her. James says he's just answering Probst's question, then moves onto his only other talking point, which is that Stephenie lost her entire tribe during her first season. Stephenie says she thought it wasn't about her, so why is he bringing this up? James says that it's Stephenie's fault that he's talking about her now because she spoke up when he was talking to "y'all," even though his "y'all" was clearly meant to mean Stephenie.

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