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Shake It Up

Hospital room. Things are being thrown around. Jitterman is shaking violently. He knocks a police officer against a wall. Clark reaches out, but is thrown through a glass window. The tremors stop suddenly and Jitterman falls to the ground. Clark gives a serious look. Commercials.

Remember when Victoria's Secret used to advertise on Smallville? Now it's Old Navy with their Very Special Gay Holiday Sweaters. I think the advertisers finally figured out their correct target demo for this show

The next morning. Clark walks into the kitchen of his house, and there's slippy sticky stuff all over the floor and what appear to be Rice Krispies and an orange there. Wild party, Clark. He surveys the damage. Sits down and elbows some dip on his shirt by accident. Goofy music plays. Then Clark gets up and starts using his superspeed to clean everything up, sweeping, throwing stuff out. It's like the last few minutes of Weird Science without the cool music. Just as everything is clean and Clark sets down his broom, he hears golf claps. Uh oh. It's Bo Duke with the sarcasm. Busted! MamaKent lays in immediately, saying she called six times the night before and spoke to six different people. Was one of them So Ho? They ask where Clark's been and he tells them the hospital. Wisely, Clark immediately shifts the focus of the conversation on Jitterman and the strange non-party occurrences of the night before. He concludes by saying that Jitterman is wanted for murder. He also adds that whenever he gets near Jitterman, he feels sick, the way he does around meteor fragments.

Hospital. A Jeanie Boulet-looking doctor comes out of Jitterman's exam room to talk to Clark and Bo Duke. She tells them she doesn't know what's wrong with Jitterman, and that she's surprised he's survived the seizures for so long. Then she shows them some x-rays. First off, what hospital shows patient x-rays to visitors? Also, couldn't Clark just see that stuff for himself with his x-Ray vision? The doctor says that Jitterman has mineral poisoning from minerals embedded under his skin. His body's trying to push them out. Doctor says that Jitterman is telling everyone he was a victim in a Luthorcorp plant explosion. But she pulled the safety records (how resourceful she is!) and there was no accident. Bo Duke asks to speak to his buddy. The doctor says he'd better hurry: Metropolis PD are on their way. Clark wants to go in with Bo Duke, but Bo explains that whatever makes Clark sick with the meteor rocks must be what's in Jitterman's body. Didn't Clark just say that in the last scene? Bo Duke is about as swift as a paralyzed slug.

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