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Shake It Up

The front of the plant. Lex, who has been gone far too long from this episode, is driving up in his sleek black convertible. A bunch of parents, including Bo Duke and MamaKent, are standing outside the gate as if protesting. Some news crews are there, too. Lex gets out of his car, where he's stopped by Security. Lex tells the guards to let Bo and MamaKent inside. He's wearing a slick purple shirt and a black suit. Go Lex with your soon-to-be-bad self. As Lex absently signs a clipboard, he explains the situation to Bo and MamaKent. Bo tells Lex that he knows Jitterman. "Well, what's he doing in my plant?" Lex asks him, almost threateningly. As Bo explains the Level 3 accusations, Lex looks around, seemingly with guilt, but then tells Bo that they have a serious problem because there is no Level 3. Bo Duke is stunned. Lex looks like he's lying. Nearby, MamaKent is looking at a surveillance screen that from the guard post. She sees the students and Jitterman. "Where's Clark?" she cries.

There's Clark. He's zipping down hallways (don't the cameras see this?) from one area to the next. He stops at a security post and sees on a monitor that Jitterman has taken hostages. He gets that steely, wussy look of determination. On another monitor, he sees a room of file cabinets. He fast-motion slips away to go there. We stay on the monitor and suddenly see Clark in that room.

Hostage room. SnarkDad is telling Jitterman that he knows nothing about Level 3. "Stop lying!" Jitterman says. Just then, Clark walks in holding a bunch of paper tubes. "I found these blueprints," he says, "there is no Level 3." Okay, who else is tired of hearing about Level 3? Jitterman angrily takes the rolled up papers from Clark. He rolls them out on the table. Shot of Chloe showing way too much...I guess you would call it Chloeavage. What is she, twenty-nine? Jitterman points the gun at the plans, as if threatening them to change back to what he remembers. He explains that he used to walk down the long Level 2 hallway, along the red pipe, and then took the elevator down to Level 3. By the end of this speech, he's yelling, freaking everybody out. "You're just like everybody else," he tells Clark, then yells again for him to sit down with the rest. Way delayed shot of Pete flinching in reaction. Clark, holding his hand as if from arthritis, backs away. He sits down next to Lana and Jocko.

A helicopter arrives outside the plant. Lex tells MamaKent and Bo Duke that it's his father. Yay! My favorite magnificent bastard, Lionel Luthor! As the great Papa Luthor bounds up a set of stairs, he tells an underling that he's already been briefed. He even runs a hand through his luxurious mane of hair, twice, just to piss Lex off. He immediately starts in on Lex, blaming him for what happened and yelling until Bo Duke busts in. Lex introduces them. "It's been a long time," Papa Luthor says, almost lecherously, "but I never forget a face." Lex tells Papa that Bo Duke knows Jitterman. Papa Luthor asks Bo Duke for his assessment of the man's condition. Bo Duke doesn't make it sound very good. Papa Luthor asks about the "Level 3 nonsense." Lex assures everybody that it doesn't exist. He does a "right, dad?" Papa Luthor says, "Of course not." But he's lying, surely. Bo Duke asks Papa Luthor what he's going to do about the situation. He says he's going to let the SWAT team do its job. Lex look uncomfortable at that. "What about the kids?" MamaKent cries. Do it for the kids, Papa Luthor! Papa Luthor says he understands, but adds, "I don't negotiate with terrorists." MamaKent cries back that Jitterman is not a terrorist. She says that if he won't talk to Jitterman, Bo Duke will. Bo Duke looks determined, but I'll bet he's thinking, "What? Who? Damn, woman, why are you volunteering me?" Lex tells Bo Duke that he's not the one Jitterman blames. "Is he, Dad?" Oh, the complexities of the Luthor family dynamic.

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