Just Let Go

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That'll Do, Nick

As Dexter and several of Mos Def's disciples wait for the end, DVO wonders how he's supposed to forgive. I'm not sensing that's going to end up being a particularly relevant issue.

EJO tells Colin Hanks that he has to go "to do further preparation," whatever the hell that may constitute for a figment of Colin Hanks's imagination, and when he returns, he expects the Whore to be marked. He leaves, and with the conflict etched all over his face, Colin Hanks pulls the brand out of the fire and makes his way to the girl, who gets even more terrified once she figures out, presumably from the heat she feels, what he's got in store...

...but the next thing you see is him letting her out from his car and telling her she's free, despite her broken arm and the fact that she's still blindfolded. I'm assuming that means he didn't brand her, but this show is usually so expository the lack of a clear statement on the matter makes me wonder.

Greene and Jamie are having a nice little chat about how he's developing a new video game about homicide, and he's doing the internship as a way of conducting research. Shout-out to the Dexter game? Quinn then staggers up and starts grossly hitting on Jamie while being rude to Greene, but Batista appears and tells him to knock it off. Quinn, however, gets even more disgusting in response, which leads to Batista's meat hook of a fist come flying forward with surprising speed. And while that was awesome, I only wish it had come with an accompanying intonation of "There's your partner card." Deb isn't overly fazed by any of this, which I guess makes sense from someone who's chosen to reside in Casa Murder-Suicide, and she kneels down and says she thinks it's time to call Quinn a cab, as if she shouldn't have done it before he even turned up at this little shindig. Quinn slurrily asks her if she ever loved him, and her face reacts like this is the most unexpected development in the world, which I guess means she's never heard of TV, movies, dating, or any of several other common ways she might have anticipated this question. She stares slackjawed for ages, which I'll grant to Quinn is a pretty gutless way of answering "no," and he pulls himself up off the floor. Quinn, if you're going to puke, aim for the big bloodstain, would you?

At the hospital, the doctor appears, and we get to see some shitty acting from the non-speaking extras as DVO notes that Mos Def has cashed his last check from this show. Harry appears next to Dexter and asks if he'll honor Mos Def's dying wish, and Dexter at least concedes that he wants to. Harry encourages him to show Nick the light, and all I'll say is that I have a feeling that he might regret his phrasing here. Dexter gets up and conveniently runs into Nick, whom he asks to take a ride with him...

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