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That'll Do, Nick

...while Deb sits alone in Casa Murder-Suicide, the party apparently having failed to withstand the awkwardness of her not having been able to tell her live-in boyfriend that she ever gave a shit about him. After leaving a message for Dexter ("Where are you, bro?"), she picks up the shrink's card, which we saw her deliberately place in her office; did she anticipate the need to call her tonight? Then again, we at least can clearly see her name is "Michelle Ross," so we'll be on a first-name basis when we start with their regularly unbearable sessions.

Dexter and Nick are walking on the beach where Mos Def baptized Nick when the latter asks what this is about, because gang members are always patient about getting to the point, and also, given that he was turning on the waterworks earlier, you'd think he'd at least pretend to be a little sniffly here, especially if he's going to act like he has no idea what Dexter's talking about when he asks Nick to explain himself. Dexter, however, informs Nick that Mos Def regained consciousness and told him what happened, and he wants to know why he did it. Nick replies that he doesn't know, which isn't what Dexter wants to hear; his voice starting to tremble with emotion, he asks how he could do that to someone who sacrificed for him and just wanted to help him. Nick, however, suddenly yells that Mos Def was full of shit - he told him his life would get better, and it didn't. Guess he never did build that "bomb website," then. He adds that his "homies" never lied to him like that, but they wouldn't take him back - not unless he proved himself. Dexter looks like he's made his peace with all this as he tells Nick that Mos Def loved him, and sent him there to forgive him. Nick looks worried as he says he has to talk to him, so Dexter tells him he's dead, and I'm sorry, WHAT? I thought Nick was staying away from the hospital until he heard Mos Def was dead, which would be logical. But he just happened to show up right after he passed? None of the crew called him earlier? This show, I swear. Horrible.

Anyway, when Nick processes this, he starts giggling and twirling his mustache about how the police can't touch him now - the disk proves nothing, and the only witness is dead. Not true, Nick - WHITHER THE DOG? Anyway, of course anyone with half a brain would feign contrition toward the guy whose blood pressure you can actually see rising before your very eyes, but no, Nick continues to crow about how awesomely this all worked out for him until Dexter charges and bowls him into the water, and soon his righteous anger and jujitsu grip of DEATH DEATH DEATH have combined forces and drowned this asshole. And I'll acknowledge a certain appeal to Nick dying a grisly death in the water that supposedly cleansed his sins, but this whole plotline was a total mess and now Mos Def is gone, so I'm not inclined to give it more than the merest amount of credit. Dexter, aloud, says there's no light in Nick (well, not now, that's for sure) and there's no light in him, and then he steps out of the water to find his dead brother the Ice Truck Killer applauding and asking if he missed him, and Dexter looks pretty psyched to see him and...well, I'll reserve judgment on whether this is the dumbest thing the show has ever done because I do like this actor, but it doesn't help this episode's grade any. Ugh.

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