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That'll Do, Nick

Dexter watches Mos Def, who's apparently not just out of surgery but also the ICU, and babbles about his Dark Passenger before he sees a sign on the wall about a candlelight vigil for Mos Def at the garage, because there are so many people unaffiliated with the garage likely to be stopping by the hospital for Mos Def.

Dexter enters the packed garage and finds an apparently distraught Nick on the sidelines, and after the dog once again barks a bit, Dexter asks Nick if Leo Hernandez is the guy calling the shots with his old gang now. Nick is reluctant to give any information up, but Dexter assures him that if he doesn't, the cops will drag it out of him, because, as we'll see, Miami Metro never fucks up an interrogation. Apparently convinced, Nick tells Dexter where to find Leo, and Nick, if you want to be a power player in Miami, you should go see a tailor, because your cuffs are so high you practically look like you're in short pants. The prayer leader asks everyone to join hands at that moment, but when Dexter goes to take Nick's hand, the dog barks again, but apparently Dexter never watched Lassie, as he continues not to pay the dog any mind.

Having gone through all the boxes Porter gave them last week, Batista explains to Deb that the Enesserette he mentioned last week was a cult from the early AD years that believed the Book of Revelations was an actual code to bring about the end of the world, and there are seven steps, each involving a human sacrifice, outlined in EJO's books. Also, EJO apparently did an art installation at the university depicting all this, which shockingly got him in trouble. Quinn produces a news article about it, and when Deb takes a close look at the attendant photo of a woman lying face down in a depiction of sinfulness, or something. Deb points out the tattoo on her back, and Quinn nearly swallows his tongue when he sees that it's a match with Porter's. I only hope he observed it while she was, say, walking to the shower, and not, say, some other time. He frantically signals to Batista to wrap this up, so when Deb offers to help them, they tell her it's cool and they've got it handled. This time, the tone isn't so awkward, but Deb's got it in her head now that she's a social pariah, even though in this place I'd take that as a compliment, and she lingers like the kid in elementary school who didn't get an invitation to the birthday party, like, GET IT TOGETHER, WOMAN. When she's finally shuffled all the way away, Quinn tells Batista that the woman in the photo is Porter, and shatters my hopes of not being scarred for life by adding that he recognizes the tattoo because he was "in the vicinity." Anyway, this leads to a predictable spat between lovers, with Batista saying he's not going to lie to Deb in the process of finding out what else Porter knows, and Quinn playing the partner card, in the process saying "partner card" enough times to wear the expression out for good.

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