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That'll Do, Nick

In the darkened church, Colin Hanks is putting the finishing touches on the brand as nearby, the blindfolded girl cowers in terror. If, a la Archer, you were to walk in and ask, "So how's this going?" the look on Colin Hanks's face would easily convey the desired response of "Not great."

When Deb wanders by - she certainly does appear to be amazingly busy these days -- Batista catches her and gingerly informs her about Porter being the woman in the photo. Deb's like, awesome - but I can't spare you and Quinn for a trip to Tallahassee, so have her come down here. Batista hems and haws, and who can blame him, because whoever heard of a material witness coming into a police station to give a statement? On the other hand, you'd think they'd at least give her bus fare from Tallahassee, but Deb's expression and dialogue proclaim otherwise - she even says she'll have Porter hauled in in handcuffs if she doesn't cooperate. Sure, that'll help. She does at least backtrack and suggest Batista try it nicely first, not knowing that Quinn already tried really nicely, or at least you hope so for his sake. When Deb's gone, Batista tells Quinn he'll handle the situation - Quinn just needs to stay the hell away from Porter. I don't really have the energy to speculate how the bunch of them are going to fuck this one up.

Dexter checks out Leo's house, which doesn't seem to be in too terrible a neighborhood, I have to say. Not that anyone cares, but still.

Dexter then arrives home and greets Jamie. Noting that she's packing Deb's stuff up, Dexter tells her she doesn't have to do that, but Jamie easily says she doesn't mind. "All folded and packed with very little hostility." Hee. I like this girl. She gets ready to go, but noting him sitting down forlornly and heavily on the couch, she steps forward and offers that she heard about his friend, and wonders how he's doing. Dexter reflexively says he didn't know Mos Def that well, but there's little conviction behind the words, and admits that he's in a coma and it doesn't look good. Jamie says that Mos Def seemed like a really nice guy, which given that he visited Harrison in the hospital seems justified, but Dexter gives her the "was there anything else" raised eyebrows, so she beats a retreat. When she's gone, Dexter takes out his frustration on a sticky silverware drawer, and I know this is meant to show how much he cares about Mos Def but this still feels like a fairly impotent display given that he's a SERIAL KILLER. Also, this is Season Six; is anyone still clinging to the notion that Dexter doesn't have any emotions? Harry, appearing out of nowhere, wonders why it's so hard for Dexter to admit he cares about Mos Def, and points out that Mos Def understood the darkness in Dexter and still saw the light. Harry goes on that he wishes he had, as maybe things would have been different, to which Dexter replies that what-ifs are a waste of time. Hardly the only thing around here that qualifies, but sure, we can start there.

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