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That'll Do, Nick

And just like that, Anderson is reporting to Deb that one Leo Hernandez is the leader of Julio's gang, the one that's running the local drugs or whatever. Deb says she'll send backup...

...and then, right when Leo emerges from his house, Anderson pulls up, immediately followed by the promised additional officers. Dexter's all How? What? How? but I suppose he kind of deserves this for his remarks about Deb's unsolved mysteries. Leo is dumb enough to try for a shootout with five cars full of cops and gets the fate he deserves in return, and Dexter looks super-sad that he didn't get to cut him up on his table or whatever...

...and later, Dexter "turns up" to the scene, and given that Masuka and his intern are already there I wonder how long he sat in his car. Maybe he took a quick trip home to yank that sticky drawer out again. Greene asks Dexter if he can watch him do the blood work, which on this show probably means he's a serial killer as well, but Masuka tells him they've got fingerprints to worry about so he can just leave Dexter alone...

...and then inside, Dexter is asking Anderson if he thinks he got the right guy, and Anderson's like, considering that he tried to blow my head off, yeah, I'm pretty happy with my police work. He adds, however, that he'll check the slugs Leo used against the ones removed, I suppose, from Mos Def. Dexter then notices that the DVD player is on, and when he pops it open, he finds a DVD labeled "Security Footage From Garage." I doubt the shooter would have labeled it as such, but it's not like they wouldn't have checked it out anyway...

...and at the station, they see the shooting play out, but the assailant's face is never shown, which, given the purpose for which this all turns out to have been done, makes little enough sense, but I suppose you could spin it. Anderson thinks the shooter looks like Leo, even down to his wardrobe, and Deb's like, great work, and speaking of grisly death, I'm having a party at Casa Murder-Suicide tonight, and it's BYOB, as with all my busy aimless wandering around the office, I don't have time to stop by the liquor store. As usual with this show, I'm barely paraphrasing. Anderson's face looks like he can't think of many places he'd be less likely to show up, and after he and Masuka clear out of there, Deb tells Dexter she knows this doesn't make up for Mos Def, but at least they got the bad guy. When she's gone, however, Dexter thinks something's not right, and upon rewatch of the DVD, sees that the dog isn't barking, and decides that the only person the dog didn't bark at besides Mos Def is Nick. I doubt that's true, and it certainly doesn't seem logical (why is Nick so special compared to the other converts?), but I don't have the energy to contest it. Which has been the show's MO for a good long time, I feel I must at least add. Not to mention the fact that regardless of the identity of the assailant, you'd think LOUD GUNSHOTS EMPTIED INTO HIS MASTER would be enough to get at least a yip from the stupid thing. I mean, as a guard dog, he could not be more fired.

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