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That'll Do, Nick

As that girl continues to moan and gasp in pain in the background, Colin Hanks drains a not-insignificant amount of his own blood into a Mason jar, which is always a sterile environment I'm sure, and puts it in the refrigerator with several similar jars before removing a paper bag and some Oscar Meyer? I'm starting to wonder about Colin Hanks's mental age here. He brings a sandwich and a bottle of water to the girl and apologizes as he tells her the professor forbade any painkillers, but she skips over that topic and begs him to let her go, adding that she has a son who needs his mother. This looks like it hits Colin Hanks where he lives, but despite his pause, he leaves her, not even removing the cap in her bottled water, which given that she has a BROKEN ARM is cold.

Apparently inspired by that little incident to seek out some familial bonding, Colin Hanks shows up to an outdoor painting class of young children, who are being taught by none other than his sister. She's delighted to see him even as she informs us he's never visited her at school before, and, over his protests, tells the class that Colin Hanks is a talented artist and gets him to agree to join them before punching him in the nose with a bit about how the kids have so many dreams and all the time in the world to make them come true. She then walks away, and I'm probably giving the show too much credit but hopefully she's getting him the promised painting supplies rather then leaving him to consider that One To Grow On moment?

Dexter breaks into Nick's apartment, which I'm sure is super-easy for a nerdy-looking white guy to do in a drug dealer's neighborhood, and, recalling that Nick fired a shot at Mos Def when Mos Def first entered Nick's apartment, locates the bullet in question. DVO IDs the bullet and wonders if it came from the same gun that shot Mos Def, like THAT IS THE FUCKING QUESTION, ISN'T IT...

...and hey, guess what? It is. DVO calls Nick "the ultimate Judas," and DVO, maybe leave those references to people who aren't Biblically illiterate?

Porter's in an interrogation room with Batista as Deb watches through the one-way window; Porter's not exactly psyched to be there, but when she sees the picture, she smiles in abashed recognition and admits that it's her. She goes on that if it got out that it was she in the photo, it would make her look bad to the faculty; meanwhile, Deb finds Quinn and wonders why he isn't in there with "his" witness, and if it's such standard procedure for him to be present I don't know how he and Batista thought any of this would fly. Come clean to Deb about banging a material witness - it's not like you haven't done it before with John Lithgow's daughter. Instead, he lamely tries to use paperwork as an excuse, like, why not STAY OUT OF THE OFFICE ON SOME PRETEXT, IDIOT? But apparently he's left with no choice but to enter, and he and Porter are both super-awkward before Porter denies any belief in apocalyptic prophecies - she was young and was just trying to impress her professor. Batista ups the pressure, getting closer and closer to flat-out calling her a liar, while Quinn literally won't make eye contact, looking off to the side like he's Bart Simpson with Principal Skinner standing in front of him. How do they think this is going to end? Well, I'll tell you; in response to Batista's continued badgering, Porter asks if she'd have "slept with Mr. Warmth over here" if she and EJO were still an item, prompting Deb's jaw to hit the floor and the two guys to be all "Whoa, whoa, whoa" about it, like COULDN'T HAVE SEEN THAT ONE COMING, HUH? Amazingly, Batista asks if they can just "stay on the subject here," but Porter, knowing she's got the upper hand now, says no, they can't - she's leaving, and if they bother her again, she'll get a lawyer. She stalks out, at which point Deb comes in and in no uncertain terms tells Batista to leave them, even turning off the room's camera. Oh, Joey. Deb tries to tell him how royally he's screwed them, as Porter was the key to interpreting all the EJO evidence. I would point out that if that's true, maybe they shouldn't have interrogated her like a hostile witness, but Quinn chooses to be an ass and a half, starting off flippant and then accusing Deb of being jealous, like, pretty sure Deb's had about a million other things on her mind more important than your bitter ass, Quinn. And who even cares about these two, seriously? Deb uses the word "fuck" no less than four times in conveying the idea that she does not give a fuck, at which point Quinn storms out. Deb then emerges and sees Batista with a hangdog look on his face, but if she chews him out as well, we at least don't have to see it.

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