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So, Batista of Smackdown is telling me I'm watching The CW. Thank you, Batista. Now get the Hell off my screen. It's time for some "Justice"!

The moon is up in the sky like a big a' pizza pie. The camera dips for a flyover of the globe atop the Daily Planet building. We sail over the globe and fall down the side of the building and into some bright lights. All goes white, and then we're inside the building. Chloe is talking to Clark on a cell phone as she walks. She tells him that she knows he's dealing with Zoners, but that if he hasn't found anything in South America, they have problems in Kansas to deal with. Clark's cell phone works in South America? Chloe tells Clark that someone is meeting her in fifteen minutes; she'll see Clark in a few. An older gentleman with not much hair steps forward. Security! How did this guy get in the building? Chloe says that "Dr. Caselli" is early. He tells Chloe that she's annoyingly persistent. That sounds about right. He reiterates that he doesn't know anything. Well, that's a crappy medical school that passed you through, then, fool. Chloe tells him not to sell himself short, and passes him a folder. She says that, in the last month, over a dozen patients have been transferred out of the high-security area of Belle Reve. She's got the doctor's signature on all the paperwork. Caselli says that patients are transferred to and from mental institutions all the time. Chloe asks whether that includes patients who've exhibited unusual abilities; she asks where they're going, whether LuthorCorp is involved, and whether this has anything to do with Level 33.1. Rather than answer three whole questions, Caselli pulls out a gun. That's always a definitive answer. Chloe gasps and puts up her hands; wide-eyed, she says she'll take that as a "no comment." Caselli says that he didn't want any of this, dreamily adding, "But it was so much money." This doctor must be rich, beeyatch! He's going to buy a yacht and a big steak and some cocaine to snort of a stripper's-- Just as the doctor is about to fire, a red streak whooshes into the room, knocking the man over and me off my list of things to buy if I ever get a bunch of money from LuthorCorp. Caselli's gun flies right into Chloe's hands, while the doctor himself lands hard on the floor. Clark appears behind Chloe and asks if she's all right. Chloe smiles and says that Clark was just in the nick of time, as always. Clark says that it wasn't him. The doctor had already been felled when he got there. Chloe asks who it was. They both turn and see someone standing near the stairs. The red shape whooshes out of the scene before they can see who it is. Clark whooshes out in pursuit.

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