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Lair of Lex. Lex is at his desk, studying a document in a folder. Papa Luthor walks in, saying that he has to talk to Lex and asking if he's alone. Lex says that it's just him and his shadow. Lex says that Lana is in Paris with Nell (Nasty Nell!?), shopping for a wedding dress. Papa Luthor is momentarily taken aback. He says it's good that Lana is out of the country, considering what's happening. Lex asks if this is about Dr. Caselli. Papa says that the doctor is the least of their worries: another LuthorCorp facility has been hit. He says that makes six, all of them affiliated with 33.1. Lex says that the only thing housed in those facilities is peripheral research; all the vital data is stored on the mainframe. Papa asks how long it'll be before that info is compromised, too. Papa is scared of what would happen if the public found out LuthorCorp is experimenting on people with abilities. Lex says that won't happen. He shows Papa Luthor what's in the folder, saying it's a single frame from a security camera that was on during a break-in. There's an orange blur. Also, there's a sign on a door that reads, "Prohibido Pasar." Lex says that the person responsible has the ability to move faster than a speeding bullet, and that person would make an interesting test subject for 33.1. Papa asks what Lex plans to do. Lex says that he's protecting their investment. He offers to walk Papa Luthor out.

As the Luthors walk, Li'l Flash appears next to the library, wearing sunglasses and the red hood. He speeds downstairs to Lex's laptop. Turns it around. Types in some information. Plugs in a flash drive. He copies folders to the flash drive. "Yeah I got it. Meet me at the rendezvous," Li'l Flash says into an earpiece. Then he flashes out of there.

Li'l Flash reappears in a warehouse area. He calls out, asking if they're going to do this or if the person he's meeting is going to lurk in the shadows all night. Green Arrow comes down via rope and lands behind Li'l Flash. "Just being careful," says Green Arrow in his deep, fake voice. He adds that he's not as fast as Li'l Flash. And...scene!

Commercials. It makes me sad and happy at the same time that "Rock The Casbah" is being used in a cell phone commercial. Why is that?

We come back to that odd photo of an orange blur next to a door. Papa Luthor, rockin' the suspenders-over-business-attire '80s stockbroker look, is examining the photo in his office. Clark, rockin' the it-was-never-that-fashionable-to-begin-with farmboy look, enters. Papa Luthor takes off his glasses and says that he was just thinking about Clark. Only it was because of the magazine beneath the photo, Cut Inches Quarterly. Clark mopes that Papa Luthor has a funny way of showing it: "I've left a half a dozen messages." Yeah, Papa Luthor, answer your damn texts! "R U there" or not!? Papa Luthor says that he's been preoccupied. Clark accuses Papa Luthor of helping the doctor from Belle Reve to get out of jail. Papa Luthor says that his affiliation with Belle Reve is history. Papa comes around the desk and says that Clark appears to have an active interest in breaking into LuthorCorp. He passes Clark the blurred photo. Clark asks where it was taken. Papa Luthor says that it's from a LuthorCorp processing plant in Mexico. Papa tells Clark to be more careful if he's going to play games like this. Clark says that it's not him in the photo. "No? Who is it then?" asks Papa Luthor. Clark doesn't answer. We just go to the next scene.

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