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Clark asks how Oliver got Flash involved with this, adding that Li'l Flash has never been much of a team player. Oliver suggests that he and Clark have that in common. Oliver then turns serious, telling Clark that he was in Star City and found Li'l Flash helping himself to a free meal. Oliver says he could tell that Li'l Flash was a good kid who just needed a little direction, so he offered Flash a job. "Look where that got him," says asshole + judgmental Clark. Aquadude and Bionic Brother both give Clark curious looks. Oliver says that he underestimated Lex, and promises that it won't happen again. Oliver pushes a button on his desk. A drop-down flatscreen shows them a list of LuthorCorp holdings within a hundred-mile radius. Oliver says that Li'l Flash could be held in any one of those facilities. Why would Lex keep him so close by? BB says that's a lot of real estate to cover. Clark says he knows someone who can help them to narrow it down.

Daily Planet at night. Chloe, in strange secretary-looking clothes and hair, is amazed that Bionic Brother and Aquadude are also working for Oliver. "Oliver's been [getting] busy," Clark tells her. He asks if there's anything in her LuthorCorp intel that could help them to find Li'l Flash. Chloe digs through a pile of papers on her desk and says she shook some internal information loose when she was tracking down Dr. Caselli. She saw a bunch of equipment being transferred to a facility, just outside of Metropolis, called The Ridge. Convenient! Chloe says it's not just a few forklifts; there's massive lead shielding, electrical pressure plates, and $20 million worth of equipment to measure high-velocity particles. Lex really needs a less expensive hobby. Clark tells Chloe to take all her info to Oliver. "Me?!" she says, panicked. Clark says that he can get to The Ridge faster, and that he can't let anything happen to Li'l Flash. He whooshes out of the scene.

LuthorCorp Ridge Facility. They make very expensive bags of Ruffles here. A guard swipes a card and enters the building through a steel door. Clark zips to it just before the door closes. He enters. Why is there more fog inside the building than out? Clark stands around looking dramatic, unmindful of security cameras.

Clock tower at night. Oliver pulls up a security camera feed on his laptop. Chloe is at his front door, saying that Clark sent her. Oliver pushes a button to open the elevator door, asking, "Where's Clark?" Chloe says that he went to rescue Li'l Flash. Oliver is surprised that Clark told her about that. "We trust each other," says Chloe. "Clark tells me everything." She corrects herself, saying that he tells her almost everything. She says she had to figure out Oliver's green leather fetish on her own. Oliver, surprised, starts to say something, but Chloe stops him by saying that she won't tell Lois, although he might want to consider it. Oliver suggests that they stick to the main plot and calls Chloe "sidekick." He asks what she's got. She says that she has a solid lead on Li'l Flash, and asks where Aquadude and Bionic Brother are. Oliver hangs his head, his whole world of secrets falling apart. Aquadude and BB walk in; BB says that they're not so great at this whole secret thing yet. "Yeah, but you're great at getting caught by the villain," Chloe snarks. Ouch. That's hitting below the iron waistline. Chloe says she thinks Li'l Flash is being held at The Ridge. "That's down by the docks," says our expert on all things aquatic. Oliver says it's also on their list of targets. He pulls them up on screen, and goes to a blueprint. Chloe is impressed. Oliver tells his "boys" that they know the drill. He tells them to gear up and get out. Chloe notices the lead shielding she was just telling Clark about earlier being used in a room labeled "M12 Refinement." She thinks that meteor rock is being refined there, and concludes, "Clark's in trouble."

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