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What is it with this show and livers?

Catherine's harassing a bald carny about the likelihood that the Tunnel of Love is really a charnel house of horror. She heads inside to collect evidence on the ride, and notices a hammer in the murky water. Catherine then charges outside to harass another carny. He's looking pretty jittery in anticipation. I can't even be bothered to recount what happens here: Marg Helgenberger chews on the scenery, the day hire does a redneck shuck-and-jive, and Sara appears out of nowhere to note that whatever investigative savvy Catherine has is gone, gone, gone. The only two things you should know: the jittery redneck now has to provide an impromptu urine sample, and I'm down to 400 milliliters of wine.

Gil is looking at a clay mold of teeth and musing, "Like David Crosby said, 'If I'd have known I was going to live this long, I'd have taken better care of my teeth.'" Actually, David, it's your liver you should have been more concerned with, but that's a whole 'nother discussion. In pops Greg the lab tech, ready to share the news that the dog they're looking for only has 41 teeth. This is so far outside his usual realm of expertise, I can only deduce that the writers are looking for a way to work him into the episode in preparation for regular-cast-member status in season two. God, I hate everything about this episode tonight. The interchange is leaden, and all we learn is that the dentally challenged dog is a Great Dane/Mastiff mix.

Cut to Nicky and Warrick examining assorted samples of dog crap under a microscope. I should probably give the show credit for showing the less glamorous side of forensic investigation, but I'm so irked at it right now, I'm not going to bother. Warrick is complaining -- understandably so -- about how he'd rather be working another case, any other case, in which animal droppings do not feature prominently, when Gil comes in and drops some more Grissomian wisdom: "It's interesting how we categorize evidence in terms of what it might mean to us as opposed to what it might mean to the case...sometimes we deal with bugs, worms, waste or worse, but as scientists we look beyond the possibly offensive qualities of these things to what they might tell us about the puzzle we are trying to solve." Thank you, sensei. Or should I say, senseless? The scene thuds on, and Gil eventually works around to revealing something that will make the plot lurch forward: they've ID'd the dog. Nicky twinkles, "Well, if there's bits of jogger hanging out of his mouth, cuff him." And if there's a clever line in this episode, jump on it with both feet so it doesn't get away.

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