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What is it with this show and livers?

Speaking of drinking, I'm out of wine.

Catherine and Sara are trying to figure out what happened, using the ride and a few dummies. Pulling the Sandy dummy out of the car doesn't fly -- the seatbelt is too tight, even when fastened low and loose across the hips. As Catherine rolls out of the ride, she and Sara have a little conference, and Sara makes the point, "The only person who could have done this is the person who was with her -- her mother," Catherine looks extremely distraught. Well, she should -- she went flying off the handle from the word go. "Her eyes were pointing in the wrong direction ... Carla Dantini was looking left when she told me about the accident. When a person is remembering, they look right, and creating, they look left," Catherine eventually says. She looks disgusted.

Cut to the tank, where Susan is purring, "Mr. Grissom, you're looking grim. I'm afraid I don't have a supplement for that." Gil's not buying it: "We found blood in your kitchen blender. The lab has matched it to the dead jogger." Susan's not terribly surprised. After blathering about the circle of life, she tips her hand: she's got porphyria, a genetic disease. Apparently, she decided to treat it by eating the blood-rich organs of healthy people; she used the dogs to kill because, in her words, "dogs kill clean." Yeah, if you discount the tens of millions of bacteria living in their mouths. Anyhoo -- she's a regular cannibal, what with the harvesting of the organs and drying them and grinding them into protein powder. This is so asinine as to border on insulting; I don't blame the people on the forums who actually do suffer from porphyria for being so angry. Susan throws herself on Gil's mercy: "If you lock me up, I'll go mad." Um, go? There's that tense problem again. Anyway, Susan is arrested, and as she's led off, she offers Gil the chance to drink the last of the jogger. He's rattled.

Over at Carla Dantini's house, Catherine and Sara are coming on in with a warrant. Her boyfriend the attack lawyer -- as clueless as this episode is long -- says, "Carla's grieving. Can't this wait until after the funeral?" Because then, presumably, she won't be grieving so much. Whatever. Anyway, Catherine and Sara more or less ignore him and note that Carla's watch is broken from water exposure and the lining of her sneakers did not run; these two observations nail the theory that she did not leap into the water for Sandy, but rather drowned her daughter. Catherine more or less loses it while reciting the sequence of events. The boyfriend turns, dumbfounded, and asks, "Carla, is any of this true?" What the hell kind of lawyer is going to ask that question in front of the police? I swear, I am all of three minutes away from the end of this episode and it still hasn't run out of ways to exasperate me. Carla says, "I want you to leave," and stalks out of the bedroom; Catherine follows her, going on her umpteenth righteous rampage tonight, hollering, "You brought your daughter to the carnival because accidents happen there all the time. You thought the blame would leave town with the rides. You should have known better. What did you actually think -- you and your boyfriend would run off like newlyweds? No kid, no cares?" Carla looks guilty; the boyfriend displays his first lawyerly impulse by covering his ass and protesting, "I never thought anything like that!" Sara's looking at Catherine with extreme concern; Catherine stalks off. Sara pursues her and asks, "You wanna get something to eat, walk it off?" Log the time: 9:58, and it's the first well-done moment on the show. It's nice to see Sara making an effort with her colleagues. Catherine punts on the offer, saying she has to get home.

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