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A Backstory With a View

Watchtower. Chloe's hard at work at the computers, sorting through the video footage. One clip in particular shows Jor-El inside the farmhouse, opening a small panel in the wall. "Jor-El, you lied to me," Chloe says. "You had another reason for coming to Smallville." She focuses the shot on Jor-El's hands as he pulls a Kryptonian octagon from the wall. Ominous music plays. Seriously, though, no one found that thing in the 50 years since he visited the farm?

Peaceful lake, sunset. Clark stands on the shore under the spreading branches of a particularly lovely tree. This is apparently where he's buried Jor-El, because he uses his laser vision to burn an S-shield onto a tombstone. Without even glancing around first to make sure he wasn't followed. What if people were boating nearby or having a picnic, dude? Way to keep your super secret powers under wraps. "I'm sorry," Clark says to dead daddy. "I can't give you want you want." The camera pulls back to show Zod watching Clark some fifty feet away. He's not even trying to hide, either. He's just standing there, in the open, watching Clark be stupid. Clark is still talking to dead daddy: "I can't save Zod. You might remember him as a friend, but I know what he becomes." He frowns, then looks up as if he sees something, but when he looks around... Zod has vanished. Does Zod have superspeed all of a sudden? Did he hide behind a bush? Did he cover his head with a towel and render himself invisible to Clark? Only time will tell.

Next week: The damned Wonder Twins.

Tippi Blevins feels like a slacker because she's been on Earth a lot longer than Zod and can't quote nearly as much Shakespeare. You can send your questions and comments to

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