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A Backstory With a View

... and come back up in the Kent farmhouse. Jor-El has been telling the story to Chloe. "If it wasn't for Zod, I wouldn't be here, and neither would my son." Chloe tells him, sadly, that there's more to Zod that he doesn't know about, having lived "only half the story." She warns him it doesn't have a happy ending.

Oliver's jet, somewhere in the sky. Clark and Oliver sit in the cabin facing each other. Clark mopes, "I can't believe my father's been on Earth this whole time and Jor-El didn't tell me." For no particular reason, Oliver differentiates Clark's father and Jor-El by calling the latter "the dude in [Clark's] ice crystal palace thingie." Clark pays him no mind. He's upset about Jor-El keeping him from meeting the real version of him, preferring instead to keep him in the dark. Oliver thinks there's a reason Clark wasn't told. Clark thinks it's because in person, Jor-El must be even worse than he thought he was. Judging by all the terrible things the AI version has done to you in the past, I don't think it's worried about making a bad impression now, Clark. Oliver wonders if it isn't Clark's anger talking. No, it's his mouth. "A part of me doesn't want to meet him at all," Clark pouts. What is this, therapy? There's a long silence as Oliver fidgets and tries to come up with what he wants to say. Finally, he tells Clark that he can relate to growing up without parents. Clark stares Oliver for a long, long time in silence. Oliver sighs, "We don't get a second chance to be with them." More staring at each other in silence. The problems with all these silent staring shots are twofold: 1. it's all tight close-ups so they feel disconnected when they should be about connecting, and 2. they just go on too long and slow down whatever momentum has been gained. If you're gonna do meaningful staring, make it count! Oliver says, "I'd go to hell and back just to wrap my arms around my old man one more time." Some more back and forth staring. Oliver gets up to go to the cockpit, leaving Clark to look sad all by himself.

Kent barn. Jor-El is in the old loft, going through a trunk of Clark's high school football memorabilia. He fingers Clark's old jersey thoughtfully. Chloe comes up the stairs, letting him know that she's been trying to call Clark but hasn't been able to get through. "But I'm sure he'll touch down soon and then you be able to meet your son," she says with a sunny smile. Jor-El is sad because he thinks his son grew up all alone. Chloe corrects that notion and tells him the Kents were wonderful parents to Clark. Jor-El tells her he would have expected as much, based on his meeting with Hiram Kent. "I felt so much love in this house," he says. "Perhaps that's why I sent Kal-El here." Chloe wonders why Jor-El came to Smallville if he didn't even know he had a son there. She's friendly in her questioning, but clearly puzzled. Jor-El says it's because he has "many fond memories" of Smallville. Yeah, remember that time you were accused of your married girlfriend's murder and you looked just like Tom Welling and also weren't British? Chloe assures Jor-El that his instincts about the Kents were correct. "Clark is the most amazing person I've ever met, and your guidance helped make him into the man he is." Eh, I'm tired of thinking about how awful the Fortress AI is, so I'll let it pass. Jor-El is worried that Clark isn't the only one he's influenced. "Perhaps I played a part in making Zod the man he became." Chloe thinks it was Zod's choice to become a monster. Jor-El considers Chloe for a moment with narrowed eyes before the sound of a door opening downstairs distracts him. He looks over the loft railing and, apparently not liking what he sees, reaches over to grab the side of Chloe's neck. He totally does a Vulcan nerve pinch on her. (Ah, I bet that's what happened to Shelby...) Chloe winces, then falls unconscious into his arms. Downstairs, a team of Tess's minions are stalking into the barn, guns raised. Jor-El comes up behind one of them and quietly gives him a nerve pinch. He turns as another minion approaches. He reaches up to grab this minion by the neck, but a third minion tasers him in the back. He drops like a sack of Kryptonian potatoes.

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