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It's What Comes Before "Terra Firma"

Chiana sits in the truck, facing Johnny now. "We used to get along. We did stuff. Now he just thinks we're...part of his crew, or something." She sighs, says a word she knows: "Fathers." He asks if she's had trouble with hers. That is an understatement. She smiles, sighing again. A plane roars overhead as Johnny admits that he actually would like to follow his father's lead, and become an astronaut. "You will," she assures him, and he shakes his head, laughing. "No, it's too tough. It's a total bitch. They only take the best." She just watches him, and he thinks it out. She leads him to another wormhole. "I don't know, maybe. One day." Heaven for everyone.

The trooper from before gets out of his car again. He circles around toward the back, past some bushes, and climbs up to look over the fence. "Hello, Cookie Monster!" says Noranti, who has appeared out of nowhere, across the fence. She smiles and blows powder in his face; he goes down.

Later, Noranti's got him tied to a chair in an abandoned swimming pool in the backyard. There's a TV with a lamp on top of it sitting before of him on the cement. Noranti leans around him, holding a metal dipper to his mouth. He swallows loudly as D'Argo arrives at the edge of the pool, staring down. "What are you doing?" he demands, and she explains, sort of. "He was snooping. I'm running tests to make sure I don't hurt Crichton if I put him into a coma. Look!" She twists the trooper's ear wicked bad. "He doesn't blink! I can do anything to him. He doesn't feel a thing!" She's so cool. D'Argo reminds her that they're supposed to be actively not making things worse: "Get him out of there."

Noranti and D'Argo try to stuff the unconscious trooper into the backseat of his squad car, but he's very floppy. The neighbor lady from before comes out to watch them. D'Argo climbs into the driver's seat -- oh, this is not good -- and puts on the trooper's helmet, saying to himself, "Helmet." The trooper groans, falling half out of the car and onto the paving. Noranti grabs him and yanks him back inside. "Machine," says D'Argo. "Go!" Nothing happens. Noranti leans in beside D'Argo's head, indicating the key. He slaps her hand away and tells her to mind her beeswax, but turns the key. The engine starts. "Okay. Prepare for engagement." There's no reason for this to be so funny, but it is. They back out, squealing, and hit some garbage cans. The neighbor jumps back, but then when D'Argo stops moving, she comes to his door. "Excuse me!" Flustered, he waves his middle finger at her. She blinks at him, thrown off again. He breathes out, loudly, and then begins to drive forward, in fits and starts. The unconscious trooper in the back lolls around, slack and gone. The neighbor watches them take off.

A Peacekeeper Marauder lands in Moya's hangar; a squad of Peacekeepers, including Braca and Grayza, march on Pilot's den. "Activate the control collar," says Braca, and Pilot begs him to leave it out, on Moya's behalf. "Please. We didn't try to run." The PKs ignore him; Braca climbs over the console toward Pilot. Pilot is terrified, stammering: "We didn't st...starburst. I told you, I...I have no idea where Crichton is!" Braca smiles. Grayza: "Braca, if Crichton is aboard this Leviathan, bring him to me." Braca agrees, and orders a full tier search. "I'll start in the Neural Cluster." He smirks at Pilot and climbs down onto the floor.

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