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It's What Comes Before "Terra Firma"

Noranti sits outside in the swimming pool, stirring a kettle on Halloween. Chiana comms to ask -- stammering -- how much longer the serum's going to take. Noranti says it'll be at least thirty and asks if Chiana can "keep him occupied." She says she'll think of something, and Noranti rolls her eyes and smiles: "I'm sure you can. Hmm." Anybody else, I'd think they were calling her a slut, but it's Granny. I'm sure she knows the whole story already.

Karen Shaw climbs down off Betty's roof, down into the truck bed, where Johnny lies. "Okay," she says. To him, to herself. She straddles him. "Garage," they agree. She leans her forehead against his, distracting herself with his jacket buttons. "Is this, uh...your...f...first?" He nods. "Is this how you...you imagined...it?" He looks up at her. "Not in Betty. I always thought it'd be in my Dad's four-wheel drive." They kiss. Karen pushes Johnny's jacket back, down off his shoulders.

Neural Cluster. "Does Grayza know you're my spy?" Scorpius asks. "No, but she'll figure it out when she discovers you're alive." Um, like you just did? Scorpius tells him Grayza must never know he's alive. "We've got to stop her!" says Braca. "She's organizing a peace initiative with the Scarrans!" Scorpius hisses, saying they're just using her. "They'll agree to everything, then betray us when their forces are battle-ready." He tells Braca to stall her. "I'm not given to exaggeration, but...the future of Peacekeeper survival depends on you."

The trooper and his chief, warrant in hand, head toward the house.

Johnny sits in a stuffed chair in the drug house, watching TV. Looking kinda sleepy. Noranti creeps into the room to Chiana, watching him from behind a pillar. "You can do this?" she asks, handing Chiana a glass. "No problem. Just make sure everyone stays out of sight until he drinks it." She kneels beside him, smiling. "Hey," they say. "Here," she says, handing him the glass. He drinks it and she takes his hand. "It's okay?" He smiles at her. "Yeah."

Over the TV you could barely hear the squad car returning. Aeryn enters from the back, wearing black under her long coat: "We've got trouble. Two enforcers." John darts a finger at Chiana -- "Stay down!" -- and heads for the window, freaking Johnny out. "Hang on! You're that guy that..." The stuff gets him and he drops. John tells Chiana to keep him down as he goes into shock, then seizure. She bends over him: "Crichton? Crichton!" Aeryn and John check it out. "Old Woman!" he swears to himself. "I thought she tested this stuff." Chiana and John hold onto Johnny, jerking and gasping, scared out of their minds. "Is this supposed to be happening?" asks Chiana, as Noranti hurries in. John feels Johnny's jugular: "No pulse. I've got no pulse!" He stares at Noranti as the police knock at the front door. "Open up!" Chiana tries to get John's attention, finally pointing out that his arm is going Marty McFly before their very eyes. Even as the police are demanding entry, everybody's staring at John as he vanishes.

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