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It's What Comes Before "Terra Firma"

We see an overstuffed mailbox outside a crappy house, and inside, John's holding an awesome photo of a man with some friends, throwing the bird while a space shuttle launches behind him. Behind him, D'Argo comes in, kicking shit and coughing: "The dust on this planet is playing havoc with my sinuses!" Heh. In the living room of the house, Aeryn stares out the front window as Chiana digs through a cardboard box, pulling out clothes. This should go well. ("Shee-yah!" she says again.) John explains the place was the site of a drug bust, and sealed up. "For a while there was some gang kids livin' here." The accent is like at a five right now. Chiana hands John some jeans from the box (see?) and he assures Rygel that this isn't actually his house. "Don't worry. We're only gonna be here for a couple of [hours]." Noranti the picture of the dudes throwing the finger, and Rygel sits on the couch, batting at a plastic shark that weebles at him. He tells the crew to stay hidden, and Aeryn wishes him luck.

John, back in normal clothes -- "Hi, guys. This? Leather fascist gear, don't mention it" -- walks in on a fight between Johnny and Jack, and quickly hides. Jack's shouting for Johnny to come back; sister Olivia and another girl, Kim, follow. Mom's yelling at them not to fight in the street. In my family, that goes without saying, but we are not astronauts. Johnny rudely tells his mom to go "check the tarot cards," saying they'll predict Jack is going to walk all over her again. Little Olivia begs him to stop as Jack demands, "And I asked you what I should do!" "And then you did exactly what you wanted," Johnny retorts. Is this how people behave toward their parents in Florida? Mom begs them to go inside, and Johnny tells her to shut up, prompting a quick elbow-grab from Jack. "Don't touch me! Don't you pretend to care what I say to her!" Jesus, this kid. Olivia tells him he's being unfair; she gets the big shut-up as well. I think Johnny is the one that needs to shut up. I don't like seeing this. Not after Xhalax and Talyn; not after Moya and Talyn. Kim's horrified. Jack follows Johnny to the truck: "Pal, you're angry with me. So take it out on me, not on them." Johnny slams the truck and gives him the three-finger salute: "Yo! Hero. Read the middle finger." Jack slaps the hand away, rather than taking the fingers ransom like he should. How did it get like this? I'd like to imagine this is because of the Challenger ripples, but that would mean invalidating the Karen Shaw thing, so I guess we're stuck with this: John Crichton used to be an asshole.

John agrees, from the bushes, shaking his head and closing his eyes. Johnny speeds away, and Jack joins Mom, herding the girls back inside even as Olivia's begging him to come back. "What the hell is wrong with him?" asks Jack. "He's so damned angry!" But Mom -- Leslie Crichton -- assures him that they both know exactly what the problem is. "Well, I'm gonna make everybody's day. I won't go Monday. I'll go tomorrow, then you can throw another party." Whatever, Jack. Like father, like son. Jack storms back inside, and Leslie grabs poor Olivia. The older girl, Kim, stands in the archway, staring out.

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