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It's What Comes Before "Terra Firma"

John looks down the road, throws a tiny salute, and then spots some milk on the doorstep. "God! Milk! Wow!" The taste of home. We're still not dealing with the fact that Leslie's dead: that he's seeing his dead mother, laughing and begging them to be happy. He drinks it crazily down, and Kim approaches. "What are you doing?" He wipes his mouth and clears his throat. "Just having some milk, Ki -- Kim?" She's taken aback: Do I know you?" He introduces himself as "Fred Scarran, from the Gainesville Scarrans. We're family." She admits that he does look a bit like Johnny. John points down the street with his milk bottle: "I just saw him drive off in Betty. Where's he goin'? The lake?" Kim reminds John that when he got really steamed up, he'd head to the canal. John remembers, rubbing his eyes, and tells her he knows where she means: "I like that spot. You know, with the overhang. The tall trees." Kim's surprised, excited: "That's my favorite place! Johnny hates it there." He stares at her. "Yeah, I know. ...He shouldn't." I love this, so much. He puts the cap back on the bottle and hands it to her: "Milk? Does a body good." He walks away, leaving Kim staring, holding the bottle of milk.

D'Argo is in the dark, talking to the fuse box: "Turn on the lights? Or black out the whole city..." He pulls a lever. Aeryn stares into a light fixture, reading it slowly: "Made...in France?" Suddenly, the bulb bursts into light, and Aeryn shouts, jumping back. D'Argo blows out every light bulb with a pop and crash, but the TV comes on in the living room. "Look at this studio. It's filled with glamorous prizes..." Aeryn bends down to look at Vanna White's giant face; Chiana giggles. Rygel grumbles about the TV, still on the couch but now surrounded by empty takeout boxes. "This sensational twenty-one-thousand-dollar..." Noranti shows the finger photo to Chiana: "What do you suppose this means?" Chiana decides it's a greeting: "Yeah! To a friend!" Oh, shit. This is another sad one, this whole deal, and I have to recap it for you. Sorry. As Pat and Vanna continue to hawk their shit, Chiana practices, holding up a middle finger at Noranti. "Hello, Wrinkles!" Chiana laughs; Noranti smiles and practices too. You think it's just a dumb joke, you think it's more fart humor. It's not, it never really is. "Wheel Of Fortoon," Aeryn practices. "Wheel. Wheel." She grins, and laughs.

John walks across the canal toward Johnny, sitting on Betty's hood. "Nice truck." He touches her, again, and whispers hello: "Betty." Johnny asks who he is; John vaults into the bed of the truck. "My name's John. John Clarence." Angel. "You know, you should go to the overhang more often. Kim likes it there." He puts his palms on the roof and bounces, experimentally. "What the hell are you doing?" He keeps jumping: "Just checkin' your suspension, bra." He looks the kid in the eye. "Need you to do me a favor. You have to talk to your father, I want him not to go up on the shuttle." Johnny tells him to shove off and gets in the truck. John leans in before he can slam the door, grabs the keys, and backs away. Johnny attacks him, and John easily grabs Johnny, holding him against the truck. "Okay, we don't hit. We may shoot people sometimes, but we don't hit." Johnny comes close to calling John a rude word for boys who kiss boys, and then shoves him away. "No, I am not. You got problems. You're gonna outgrow most of 'em. And I know why you're upset." Johnny disagrees, but he proves it: "You think he treats her badly."

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