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It's What Comes Before "Terra Firma"

How does he know that? "The same way I know you helped DK cheat on his SATs. You want to go to college, boy? Convince your dad not to fly on the Challenger." He tosses the truck keys to Johnny, who gets in and then leans out the window. "You're a spook, right? Come to test the family? 'Cause if you guys knew anything, you'd know I can't convince my Dad to do squat." John tells him he's wrong. "You're wrong. He never listens." He speeds off, and John admits Johnny has a point. There comes a point in the journey where you have to go back to the beginning; if you're going to explain where you are and where you're going, you have to be strong enough to look at where you came from. It's easily the worst part, every time.

A little girl's face. The letter H. A child giggles. Brian Henson discovers lateral marketing. Kermit sings: "H, I, J, K, LMNOP." Aeryn tells D'Argo to study with her: "LMNOP." Just a few words, she says. "Just in case." D'Argo tells her Chiana's already been telling him things: "'Yes.' 'No.' 'Bite me.' That's all I need to know." Heh. Aeryn continues to practice: "R, S... S! This girl is slow!" Aeryn is so terrific. She frowns and almost growls at the little girl. Chiana enters, wearing an orange and white striped peasant dress with a low-cut neck. The thing also has ruffles on the cuffs and neck. She's wearing gloves that match. She looks...awesome.

"Why are you wearing that?" demands Rygel, and she asks her partner in crime if he's not "busting to get out." Rygel's not interested, basically. There's food here. Chiana: "We're on Earth! Crichton's hometown!" She cocks her head at the door and makes ready to leave. D'Argo cautions her that John told them to stay inside. On the TV, Kermit and the little girl laugh. Aeryn: "...Again with the Cookie Monster." Rygel points out that Crichton has now completed the "getting home" part of the show, and that unless Chiana screws it up, they'll probably follow. Not that any of them have a home to go back to. Not really. "I don't want to wait for 'one day.' I want to go exploring now!" That's my girl. D'Argo orders her to stay put, and Aeryn tells them all to shut up while she's watching her stories. "You're not the captain down here," says Chiana petulantly. "It's Halloween! I'll fit in!" So, so true. She pulls back the curtain and takes off, D'Argo following. Aeryn finally gets up and tells him to stay put. D'Argo stares out the window for the next part. Which is sad.

A brunette in a flower-print dress walks past the garage door, just as Chiana skips around the corner; they stop, and stare. Chiana grins, and throws her the finger. The woman stares, confusing Chiana. She walks up, putting the bird right in the lady's grill. The woman, appalled and afraid at this intrusion, stays silent. Chiana gives up, backs away, takes off. The poor woman watches her leave, turns back towards the yard.

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