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It's What Comes Before "Terra Firma"

D'Argo and Aeryn stare out the curtain; he shoos her back. D'Argo leaves the room quickly; Aeryn remains behind the curtain. Kermit and the little girl continue to say the alphabet; and Aeryn can't resist another peek. She pulls back the curtain just as the woman's arriving -- they both gasp and jump -- and the woman ducks inside, under Aeryn's arm. Rygel chuckles, drawing her attention, and she wrinkles her nose at him. There's no talking at all, through this whole part, because of the microbes, but it does add a whole lot of tension and texture to the scene. Kermit, the Muppet, narrates the entire thing with the rudimentary building blocks of language -- the bridge that carries you from terror at the alien and into understanding. It doesn't help. It does, however, get you right on board with this poor woman, confronted with the alien nature of our friends for the first time. Just brilliant, and scary, and so off-balance in framing and light. Rygel turns around and stares at the women's whispered question -- "What is this?" -- and laughs in her face. The woman turns around and walks back out, under Aeryn's still-upheld arm. "I love you," the little girl says to Kermit. "I love you too," he replies. "Uh oh," says Rygel. "Give me a kiss!" whispers the little girl. Life fails to imitate art in this instance.

"Pilot," whines Sikozu, up on Moya, "there is no need for a complete shutdown. Turn up the heat!" She huddles and chatters in a blanket. Suddenly, Pilot comms to them both, hysterically. "Scorpius! Sikozu, we've got trouble! Get up here! Peacekeeper Marauders are approaching, at maximum speed. Grayza and Braca are aboard." Scorpius orders starburst, but Sikozu demurs: "No. If Moya does, she will never find this wormhole's exact location again." And Scorpius completes the thought: the crew will be lost to them. "We must go now!" shouts Pilot, so totally tired of John's wormhole bullshit. "If you run, Grayza will assume Crichton is aboard, and she will hunt you down." Sikozu pauses and looks at Scorpius. "We let Grayza board. She will see Crichton is not here, and she..." Pilot screams: "She will kill me!" Scorpius assures him that if John's gone, she won't hurt them. Scorpius and Sikozu couldn't be uncreepy if they tried, so everything they say comes with the taint of being a total lie, even when it's the truth.

Johnny drives Betty down a street, radio on: Our true love... He sees Chiana, in her crazy dress in broad daylight, inspecting a garden gnome, and pulls over, leaning on the window sill. (Dreams that come and go...) Chiana stands, dropping the gnome. "Nice outfit," he grins. "Goin' to a party?" Chiana nods, staccato, says one of her words: "Yeah." Johnny asks if she wants a lift, she responds again: "Sure." You can tell me about the pain you feel, promises the radio. The thing she hasn't had since she got back to Moya, burned and broken and scarred and hurt. The thing that's stood between her and everyone, since her brother rejected her, but especially between her and men. Chiana looks at Betty, then climbs onto the hood -- she's wearing red shoes, white panties -- and Johnny watches her, amazed. Another man stares from across the street as she climbs in through the shotgun window; she chuckles to herself. The radio assumes the wounds will never heal, but I wouldn't be so sure. She's smarter than that; so's the universe. She turns it up, so much louder. Because love is blind...Johnny asks, as she's dancing, if she likes the music. She laughs and shakes, completely inside herself. Don't try to change my mind, the song asks, but that's all she wants. "Cool," nods Johnny, captivated. "So, what's your name?" She tells him, and fiddles with the ashtray. Too afraid to look into his eyes. "Karen?"

Love is blind, says the radio, but that's not exactly true. It's not love that's blind, it's Chiana, when she's taking the moment apart and examining it for what it is. Which is not Chiana today. It's not love that's blind, it's Chiana. Still not looking, only briefly acknowledging him: "Yeah. Karen." The cigarette lighter she pushed pops out, and she examines it. "Shee-yah!" Because love is blind. "Karen Shaw, right? The name's John Crichton." Because love is blind. She drops the lighter. "Crichton?"

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