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It's What Comes Before "Terra Firma"

Aeryn walks down the street on the curbside grass, hearing children play, still wearing the ridiculous drag queen pantsuit. A ball rolls towards her and she stoops and picks it up. She looks at it, then tosses it back to a boy with a baseball mitt on his hand. "Thanks, ma'am," says the boy. John joins her and they walk together. "Oh, man. Like those clothes," he grins. She hopes they're okay. "It's all we could find." He admits she looks a bit like Cher. "Is that a good, or a bad thing?" The important thing is, the look works. Aeryn asks how things are going with the Crichtons. "Situation normal: it's getting worse. Now my dad's leaving tomorrow."

Leslie Crichton sits with her back to the street, laying out a tarot spread, as John and Aeryn walk past. He slows down, looking, as Aeryn keeps walking, head down. John hurries to catch up, as Olivia comes out and approaches Leslie. John and Aeryn crouch at a fence, John signaling for silence, as Olivia says she's going to visit a friend, and they say goodbye. Aeryn steadies herself on John's thigh, watches him shake and bit his lip. He finally speaks, as she looks into his eyes. "That's my mother. She died four years before I left. Now I'm gonna talk to her." She clasps his hand in hers and lovingly gives him a tiny smile in support.

"Excuse me, ma'am," says John, entering the garden. He and his mother stare at each other. "Do I know you?" No. He squints and squirms, nervous and hurting. "Um, you read the cards?" She nods and admits it silly. "Everybody thinks it is, especially my son." John shakes his head: "It's not. He's wrong. He's just young." John grins at his mother. "It's not silly." She smiles back, laughs quietly. "It's a little strange, but...that's why I'm here. I did a reading in Gainesville, and I...saw your husband." John Crichton, Seer of Seeings and Reader of the Cards. He's so weird. "Jack?" Yes. He begs her to keep his father home, until Monday. "I did a reading," she murmurs. It's Farscape. If you buy Moya and Karen Shaw and wormholes, is it really so far to jump? Zhaan and Stark and...this is John's mother. Of course she reads tarot. "God," she breathes. "Is there something?" John says he doesn't know. "Don't let him go this weekend." He looks away, biting it back: "Don't...back down, like you always do." The anger in that, and the frustration, and the pain. The way he always asks you to look at the thing you don't want to look at. "How do you know that?" He says it's in her face: "You're a peacemaker, not a fighter. Look, just, uh, don't let him go." He finally gives in, to the sadness, and starts to run away. "I'm sorry I bothered you." She asks again if she knows him, and he turns at the gate. "No. You don't know me." The gate clanks shut quietly behind him.

"It even brought tears to my eyes," says a woman on TV, like she just saw the last scene. Which was rough. But no, she's surrounded by dolls, reading a letter, as Aeryn watches. Rygel advises John to just tell Jack about the crash, and then "he won't go on the scuttle"; John corrects him, and assures them that Jack won't believe him, and things will just get worse. D'Argo asks what he wants to do, and John sighs, because this is another horrible plan. Like, such a bad idea that it's funny. "Seventeen years ago, I got trapped in a fire. I was in a coma for two days. My dad saved me. Afterwards, when NASA called, he refused to leave." Noranti realizes that he's wanting to recreate the situation. "I'll get my old girlfriend to bring my...self...here. We'll make sure my Dad saves me, light a fire..." Noranti offers to help with drugs: "I can simulate a coma, so..." But John holds up his hands. "No no no no, Grandma. You do not touch my body..." He stops; you smile. "Where's Chiana?" I love that.

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