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Superpower Shuffle

Outside "The Talon Theater." A sign says it's closed, but adds, "Thanks for the memories." Lana is walking down some stairs. Clark walks in, asking if she's trying to score the last box of Jujubes before they close. Who eats those, anyway? Clark eyes Lana's necklace and decides to come closer when it doesn't glow. Lana tells Clark that her parents met at the theater. Before they were smushed by the meteor. Lana says that her dad worked concessions and her mom met him when she got bored at Close Encounters. Clark asks how one could get bored at that movie. Well, she's not an alien, Clark. Lana blah blahs about how magical it was and how they'd never noticed each other before, but they just clicked that night. I feel like clicking. My remote. Lana, who is so empathetic she cries when grass is mowed, feels a tangible bond with the run-down, closed theater. I bet she went and saw The Majestic and bawled her eyes out. Clark digs in his pocket and finds one of Bo's platitudes stuck to a wad of gum. "Sometimes letting go is the only way to move forward," he tells her, reading from the gumwad. Lana agrees. She asks Clark how he found her. He asked Nell because he needed Lana's class notes. He fell asleep. Wonk, wonk, wonk. Lana asks if Clark's been feeling okay lately. She says he's been less Clark Kent-like. She says it's nice. What a backhanded compliment. She says he seems relaxed, like he doesn't have the weight of the world on his shoulders. Clark says he woke up (but not above the bed anymore?) and realized his life had changed and that he had to accept it. Lana says she should adopt that philosophy. She should adopt an acting class.

The home of Supernerd. He walks in and goes to give his mom a hug, enthusiastically asking if she's seen the paper. Warily, she says that people have been calling all day. He pulls back and she looks scared. "Are you afraid of me?" he asks her. Teacher Daddy comes from behind, without a bow tie. That must mean an ass-kicking is coming. Daddy reveals that he's called his university buddies to study his freakish son and the new powers. "I'm not sick. I'm special," Supernerd says. Dad says that they're going to go to Metropolis. Supernerd doesn't want to be studied or treated like a science experiment. Unless it's that cool baking soda volcano one. Teacher Daddy says that no matter how special Supernerd is, he still lives under Teacher Daddy's roof, and his rules. Supernerd gets mad and lifts his father, pushing him up against the wall a few feet up. "What are you gonna do? Ground me, huh?" Supernerd says with naughty glee. He realizes as he says it that he doesn't have to listen to his dad and can do whatever he wants. You go, freakboy! He pushes dad away and superspeeds it out the door.

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