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Superpower Shuffle

As Clark and MamaKent are walking, Lex suddenly appears from behind. "Clark. I just heard. (That you want me.)" MamaKent says, "Hi, Lex," and quickly excuses herself so Clark and Lex can do their dirty, dirty thing out of her sight. Clark grabs his chest like he's about to go join 'Lizabeth up in heaven, and asks Lex if he was coming to see if he was really hurt. Lex says he wanted to make sure Clark was all right (for love). Clark says that maybe they can go out to the parking lot and Lex can hit him with his car. Damn, but you're pissy tonight, Clark. Lex pulls Clark back by the arm and says that he's sorry. Has Lex ever apologized for anything on this show before? Clark asks whether Lex is going to stop snooping behind his back now. Lex, I imagine, will now focus on Clark's front. Lex says he had no right to snoop, and pleads temporary insanity. Lex says he wants to put this behind them. (Along with their clothes.) "Only temporary?" Clark asks, giving Lex a sly sideways smile. This was all a ploy for attention, wasn't it, Clark? Lex smiles back. He asks if Clark needs help. Clark -- in a better mood, but still showing himself to be an Independent Woman (Part 1) -- walks off on his own.

The house of shameful, dirty, superpower boy. Supernerd walks into the room. His mom, who's been on the phone, asks where he's been. He desperately says he needs her help. Mom says that Teacher Daddy has already spoken to Principal Once Was Smooth. Say what you will about their stifling, cerebral existence, but I love what they've done with the living room. I want to paint one of my rooms that color of green. Supernerd pleads that the whole flipping the truck three times one-handed thing was just an accident. Teacher Daddy comes in from the other room, telling him to save the sob superstory. "What are you doing, Dad?" Supernerd asks. Dad is coming at him with a damn putting wedge, it looks like. What are you going to do, birdie him to death? Teacher Daddy tells his son it's time to take responsibility. With the cops. We can hear them coming, sirens ablaze. Supernerd looks scared. "What did you do?" Supernerd asks. Mom says he needs help. In his little sad voice, Supernerd says, "You're my dad. You're supposed to protect me." Awww. Poor widdle superboy. Climactic music plays even though the best we've gotten here is the threat of a bogey.

Kent living room. I see they shop at a pottery barn. No, literally. It's a barn out on Route 9 that sells pottery. Clark, looking pensive by the window, hears Bo Duke come in, saying he talked to Supernerd's parents that morning. "They were scared," he tells Clark. "Were you ever scared of me?" Clark asks his pappy. I think it was more that he was scared of his feelings for his son. Bo says there were a few scary tantrums early on, but that Clark is generally a good kid. "We had some holes in the wall. But, naaah..." Clark says he doesn't think Supernerd is a bad kid. Neither does Bo. Clark, hand on his ribs, says he was freaked out at first, but now he's enjoying not being anything special outside the world of male modeling. Grunting as he sits, Clark says that his current pain is better than being around the meteor rocks any day of the week. What about Saturdays? Because I hear Saturday meteor rocks aren't so bad. MamaKent comes in with her Weekly Phone Bulletin. She says the police came to Supernerd's house, but that they couldn't control him. Clark says he'll go. Bo warns that Clark's hurt, and that if they have another showdown, Clark could get killed. Then the show would be Lexville. Clark thinks that Supernerd might have Clark's weakness. "The meteor rocks?" MamaKent says, aghast. Yes, the damn meteor rocks. Somebody should build a neon sign for inside the house. "Meteor rocks = bad. We get it." As a lone low note plays, Clark says that he alone knows the weakness, and that even without his powers, this is who he is. So, I guess the wussiness has nothing to do with being super. Good to know. After MamaKent asks, Clark says he knows where to find a meteor rock.

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