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Superpower Shuffle

The house that shame and repression brought down. Nighttime. Clark walks up to the Supernerd home and finds it in ruins. The mailbox is knocked over (No, not the mailbox!), a streetlamp is knocked over, the front landing stairs are in ruins, a police car's on fire, and a truck is sticking out of the roof. Clark talks to the parents, who seem more concerned about the house than they are about their son. Clark asks where their son might be. Club Zero, maybe? That's just wishful thinking, Clark. Get your mind out of the gutter. Teacher Daddy, who is suddenly cooperative, says that his son talked about "getting rid of it" and how there was only "one place he could do that." Getting rid of it? You need to learn to accept yourself and live with it. Oprah and Out would agree with me, I'm sure of it. Clark looks thoughtful. Teacher Daddy walks back toward the house. It may be in ruins, but he's probably going to rank somebody out for not cleaning the storm gutters.

The damn dam again. It's nighttime. Clark calls out to Supernerd, who is standing on the same rail. He looks back at Clark and smiles. He's holding some sort of electronic-looking black box. He leans over and falls off the rail. "Eric, don't!" Clark yells. Dramatic music. We go to commercial.

Speaking of dams, The Queen of the Damned comes out next week. Is it just me, or does it seem creepy to have Aaliyah portraying one of the undead now?

The Weekly Kryptonite Confrontation. Clark has apparently climbed down the entire damn dam. He calls after Supernerd. Supernerd, who looks just fine, tells Clark he should have let him go the first time. He explains that he did the dam dive to see if he had any limits. "Apparently, I don't," Supernerd says. Clark says that Supernerd can adjust -- he just needs to give it some time. "How do you know, Clark?" Supernerd asks and scoffs at Clark's assertion that his life isn't ruined. Oh, wait, it's Clark who's holding the electronics-looking box, that is actually Lana's necklace. You confused me in that last scene, Smallville editors. Clark offers to help Supernerd. Supernerd doesn't want it. To prove that assertion, he throws Clark against a fence leading to a big electricity generator. Clark fumbles around looking for the necklace, but can't find it. The lead box is empty. Supernerd says that if people are scared of him, he'll give them a reason to be scared. He asks Clark what he'd do with powers like his. "I'd stop people like you," Clark says. Wrong answer. He gets thrown up hard against a metal surface. Shouldn't Clark be dead by now? Clark finds the glowing necklace on the ground. "You're wrong," Clark says. Supernerd says they'll see about that, and reaches over to grab two big clunky electrical wires. He severs them and grabs an end. There's electricity everywhere. Clark gets up. They lock hands, the necklace between them. Holy recreation! Green glowing light. Screams. Sparks. Love? No. No love. Close-up on Clark's face. His head wound heals instantly. Clark is suddenly in pain. He's still holding the necklace, the dumb-ass. Clark manages to get the necklace inside the lead box Lex gave him. Supernerd is on the ground, in pain. Clark goes to help. "It's so cold," Formerly Supernerd whimpers.

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