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Superpower Shuffle

Mmm hmm, good. Supernerd is drinking out of a coffee cup, and we hear the crunchy strains of U2's "Elevation." Finally! Some real music on this show! (And yes, I know we've heard Tricky and Gorillaz up in here, but this is good, too.) And the song is actually appropriate because Supernerd is trying to be a bad-ass as he stands in the town square and watches the mean letter jacket guy from before open a car door for Dream Blondie, the girl Supernerd has a crush on. Dream Blondie and Dick Letterman kiss and everything goes into slow motion just as Bono starts wailing, "Woo ooh!" Why can't they play this song when Lex is around?

As Supernerd stares scarily at Dream Blondie, Chloe and Pete walk right past. Chloe, holding her cell phone, says that Clark can't join them because he's doing chores. Pete tells Chloe that Clark's been acting weird lately. Chloe asks for a gauge since she thinks Clark acts weird all the time. (Hey, Chloe, he's not the one that got hypnotized and kissed you last week.) Pete tells her that, in Math class, Clark "face-planted" on the desk. As they walk on (do you like how I snuck that second U2 reference in there? No? Well, screw you, then), a very sinister guy who looks like the American Taliban guy is suddenly shown looking at Chloe. This was one continuous shot, by the way, from Supernerd to Chloe/Pete to this guy. Sinister Man steps out of a store landing, stares at Chloe, and then jogs after her. He attempts a purse-snatch. Bono keeps singing, unaware of what's happening. Chloe tries to fight the guy. Pete gets knocked back. Blondie and Letterman watch from the street.

Supernerd, who has some caffeine high going for him in addition to the superpowers, speeds over in front of the purse snatcher. He tells the guy to give the purse back. "Out of my way, kid," the robber says. He whips out a knife and makes the downward Psycho stabbing motion right into Supernerd's palm. The knife, of course, shatters into a gazillion CGI bits. Snatcher stares at his knife. Supernerd stares at his palm. It would be a staring contest if they were actually looking at each other. Supernerd grabs Snatcher by the back of the coat and flings him into the street, where he crashes through a giant sheet of glass being transported on the back of a rig. Of course. Panes of glass rolling by are just a fact of small-town life. Blondie and Letterman look toward Supernerd. Blondie looks impressed. "Did you see that?" Chloe asks Pete. Pete, holding his hand like it's hurt, says, "Yeah. Unbelievable!" A bunch of people, including one or two confused-looking extras, gather around Supernerd. Chloe rushes up and tells him that was amazing. He nods and says, "Any time." Blondie smiles at him sexily. This is two degrees away from being a beer commercial. "Woo hoo hoo!" Bono announces, in case we forgot he was there with his jacket lined on the inside with the American flag.

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