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"Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of Dex..."

Back with Dexter and Rita, who are sharing a post-fellatial (?) embrace. "That was...unexpected," says Dex. "Yeah, for me, too," Rita replies. I don't believe her. Anyway, they make more meaningless small talk about "unexpected" things, and Rita reluctantly says she has to get back to the kids. As she grabs her purse, she reveals a few of the photographs that Dexter's been revisiting during the episode. Rita comments on how cute Dexter was, and how Harry had a nice face, "just like you." "I was adopted." "I know, but you're both good men. I can tell." Then, looking at the soccer photograph (ah, so there was one!), she remarks, "How poetic." "Poetic? It's a soccer game." "Yeah, but look at your dad's shadow. It's like he's always watching over you. I'd frame this one." At this, she moves to go, but Dexter is in Dexterland, doing what Dexter does best: realizing shit. "All this time, the answer was right here," he VOs. "Harry, photographer and foster-father extraordinaire. He is always with me. And he's the common denominator." "Rita, you're a genius," Dexter says, and kisses her goodnight.

After she's gone, he's looking over his old photos and VOing again: "All those years of smiling for the was empty and fake, the pictures meaningless. Until now. Pictures of Harry..." What is it, Dexter? What've you got? He pulls out one picture of himself and Harry standing in front of Angel of Mercy Hospital, and I smell a flashback coming...

Yes! I was totally right. Harry is showing Dexter the hospital where his father, Dexter's grandfather, worked for thirty years. "He started out as a janitor, worked his way up to chief of maintenance. This place put food on our table. Two weeks, it'll all be shut down." Ah, I see. Harry asks a passing lady to take a picture of himself with Dexter, hence the photo we just saw. As the woman walks towards them, Harry doubles over. Dexter asks, "Hey, are you okay?" "Yeah, bad medianoches for lunch, that's all." If you don't know what medianoches are, they're like Cuban sandwiches but they're served on sweet eggy bread, like challah bread. Anyway, by the time the woman gets over to them, Harry has decided that he's not in the mood for the picture after all, but Dexter persuades him. "Don't be a baby. Being part of a family means smiling for family photos, right?" See what they did there? How they came around full circle? Pretty special, that was.

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