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"Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of Dex..."

Whoa, sorry. I'll leave the fan-fic to y'all.

Back at Petrie Beach, Angel and Doakes are discussing the fingerprint results. "So, LaGuerta really screwed the pooch on this one, huh?" asks Angel, and Doakes replies, "Yeah, I'm taking point on this." He goes on to instruct Angel to secure the beach and separate witnesses. Angel, agreeing, asks if Captain Astor made LaGuerta cry, but now it's Doakes's turn to be distracted. A few of Guerrero's men are lurking at the edge of the beach menacingly, and Doakes is a bit shaken. "Just control the fucking beach, Angel." Doakes broods on as Angel is replaced by Deb, saying, "I knew Tucci wasn't the killer. I knew it." When she goes on to say how she wishes she could have seen the Captain "rip her a new one," Doakes tells her to calm down, to no avail. "Now [the ITK]'s getting back at us for chasing after the wrong guy." Doakes doesn't give a shit. "You see all these people over here?" "Yeah." "What are they?" "Potential witnesses." God, she's such a rookie sometimes. "And what do we do with them?" "We interview them." Clap. Clap. Clap. Get it together, Deb! And try not to be such a dweeb.

It seems LaGuerta's just broken the news to Tucci's mom, who's quietly fiddling with a piece of napkin and crying. "Where is he?" she asks, and LaGuerta responds that the "entire force is looking" for Tony. Mama Tucci wants to know if she's sure it's Tony they're looking for, and Maria responds in the affirmative. Mama Tucci isn't pleased. LaGuerta ramps herself up for a long session of shit-eating, and starts, "Mrs. Tucci, I said some very harsh things about your son, and..." "Thank you." Um...right. Wait, huh? "'Thank you?' For what?" "For coming to tell me in person. Can you find my son's body?" "If it's the last thing I do. I've made a grave --" "Bring him home, please! I just want to bury my son." Yikes, dude. LaGuerta must feel like a lot of shame right now, for putting this poor lady through all this. I mean, it's not like she's the ITK, but she still sucks, and she still slandered this poor woman's son. Shut up, LaGuerta. Wipe that face off your head. Don't put me in the position of feeling bad for you.

At Rita's now, Dexter is carving a pumpkin for Halloween as Astor and Cody look on. As he talks about how much he loves Halloween, the kids start making grossed-out noises about the pumpkin innards, but help him empty the thing anyway. Dexter brings the pumpkin over the sink to wash it out, and we hear a dog crying and whimpering outside. "There he is again, Mom," says Astor, clearly exasperated. "My God, it's every night, now," says Rita, equally irritated, but also resigned. Dexter wants to know what's up with the poor mutt, and Rita says the neighbors leave it tied up outside all day and night, and that she'd say something, but she's kind of a wimp and doesn't want to start anything. The kids chime in about how sad it is, and how they can't sleep, which...try livin' in Brooklyn sometime, kiddos. Dexter asks, "Do you want me to say something?" but Rita demurs. Dexter insists, however, and some fun piano music comes on in the score, telling me that we're in for an awesome scene of Dexter interacting with some sort of asshole.

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