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"Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of Dex..."

Over at the station, LaGuerta has an "assignment" for Deb. Deb wonders aloud if LaGuerta wants her to head out to the scene of the foot, but LaGuerta responds, "No." Instead, she wants Deb to sift through hours of video collected from all around the scene, which sounds like a pretty thankless and boring job. Damn, LaGuerta's really got it out for Deb, and Deb knows it. I do not envy her. She protests, "We have techs who can do this!" LaGuerta reminds her that techs don't have the critical eye that Deb does, and that she's taking a tremendous leap of faith trusting Deb with this assignment. Ugh, what an asshole.

Doakes comes in, huffing and puffing as usual. He heads to the break room for some coffee, and there's MacNamara, leaning against the wall like he's too cool for school, the prick. After a pregnant pause, he says, "Hey, Doakesie, what's up? Fuck anyone's wife lately?" Like, good one. "Thanks to your little chicken-shit stunt, I got Guerrero's guys tailin' me everywhere I go, you know that?" asks Doakes. "That's not good, James. You should contact the police," and again, ha ha. Really funny. Damn, dude, you suck! The rest of the conversation is pretty predictable: "You think this is funny? I'm gonna wind up dead." "You should have thought of that before you stuck your dick in my sister." "You're right, I should have waited until the divorce came through." Hey, now. Apparently, Cyril O'Reilly didn't know every last thing about his sister's marriage. "Bullshit," he says, not knowing what to believe. Doakes tells him to check the paperwork, and that it was Ricky's job to protect his wife. "You backed the wrong cop, asshole!" MacNamara looks like he feels like shit. Good. Damn cops.

At Rita's, it's time to get ready for school, but the kids are both staring listlessly into their cereal flakes. Rita doesn't need to ask, because the dog next door starts whining again, and it looks like Rita's had enough.

She knocks on Salty Asshole's door, and before opening the door, we can hear Salty yelling at the dog to shut up. Real nice. Rita immediately sees the twatty face that Salty is giving her, and launches into a diatribe about how her kids are exhausted and how she really needs Salty to take better care of her animal. Salty essentially laughs right in Rita's face. "Is something funny?" "No, it's sad. But, you're funny! Look at you, all tough!" Dude, I want to smack this bitch. Rita threatens to call the police, and Salty tells her that won't accomplish anything. It's like she's proud of being so inconsiderate, not to mention cruel to this poor animal. You know, I just remembered that Dexter likes to kill people! He should totally kill this woman! It's not like this dog could suffer any more. Rita walks away slowly, pausing to consider the dog through the fence. It seems like she has an idea...

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