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Leviathan Smiles

Merrick is brushing down his press when he is rudely interrupted by Hearst, who charges in acting unnaturally friendly, making a pointed joke about The Pioneer's election countdown calendar. He asks if Merrick plans to keep that up. "As long as my presses stay intact," Merrick laughs, uncomfortable. "Thanks, too," Hearst says, "for publishing Sheriff Bullock's letter of condolence to the family of that murdered worker of mine. I suppose I should have written them myself." Merrick politely says that he'd not presumed to suppose in that regard, one way or another. "Was the Sheriff's making his letter part of the public record meant to embarrass or reproach me?" Hearst asks, revealing now how pissed he is about the letter. Merrick quietly says he'd not suppose in that connection either. "I'm to take you for majestically neutral?" Hearst snarks. Hey, now, Hearst, I hate you enough already without you strongarming Merrick, who is just a nice man trying to get by in this ridiculous place. "I'd make the less exalted claim," Merrick says, pulling himself up nobly, "as a journalist, of keeping my opinions to myself." "You are less majestically neutral, then, than cloaking your cowardice in principle," Hearst says, taking Merrick's breath away with his UTTER ASSHOLERY. Very quietly, and with much dignity, Merrick answers that he can only say that perhaps events have not yet disclosed to him all that he is. "Those kind of events could be in the weather, Merrick," Hearst says, waving the paper in his face. "You might have a second calendar for them." Poor Merrick. I hope when the great Day of Judgment comes, he is allowed to get in one good stab. Brilliant scene for McRaney, but Jeffrey Jones steals it.

Cy comes downstairs at the Bella Union to find Wyatt playing craps at Leon's table. Seeing an opportunity to schmooze with what he perceives to be potential new muscle that he can provide for Hearst, he oozes over to the table and lays it on thick. "Elrod Eulaham from Galena, Illinois," he says, faking a familiarity out so that he can learn the new guy's real identity. Dude -- Elrod Eulaham? Has there ever been a better name -- I mean, besides Engelbert Humperdinck? That is awesome. Wyatt is having a hard turn at the craps table, but Cy brushes it off, continuing his ploy to get in the good graces of the new guy. He makes a big show of thanking him for knocking out the road agents, but Wyatt demurs beneath his mustache, saying it wasn't anything special and going on to tell about the timber lease he's come to work with his brother. "...a timber lease," Cy chuckles. "I guess you're even more a hero, guns being out of your line." Wyatt must have forgotten the little talk he just had with Al. "I didn't call them a fully foreign subject, now," he says, smirking, and this is just what Cy wanted to hear. When he craps out and Leon goes to take his chips, Cy stops the dealer. "Pay the man, Leon," he says. Wyatt is confused. "But I didn't make my point," he says. Waggling his eyebrows, Cy says: "You did to me." Haaa! Are you kidding me? The writers of Deadwood are resorting to puns now? Wait -- did I fall asleep and wake up during a Gilmore Girls recap? That's happened before.

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