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Fa La La La La, La La La Lex

Lex is standing out on the porch with all the holiday lights. "I can't remember ever being this happy," says Lex. "This has been the best day of my life." His mother is standing behind him. "Thank you," he tells her. She tells him that every day could be like this. It's the life he can have. "This is what I want," he says. He asks what he has to do. She tells him that all he has to do is follow his heart, not his ambition. He asks what decision she's talking about. Clark, coming outside and with his suit coat off, asks whom Lex is talking to. Lex's dead mom is gone. Lex says he wasn't talking to anyone. Possibly to himself. Or a very smart squirrel. "I don't even know anymore," he concludes. Lex says he's feeling contemplative. Clark raises his champagne glass and says that the holidays will do that to you. Clark drinks. Lex says that his life hasn't turned out the way he planned, but that he's never been happier. Clark says that Lex has every reason to be happy: a beautiful wife, great son, a baby on the way. Secret former farmboy lover with his own apartment in Metropolis. Lex wonders about Lana: "How the hell did that happen?" Yeah. Tell us. Please. Clark chuckles. Clark says that Lex became the kind of man she could love. "You mean the kind of man you've always been?" Lex asks. Clark gives him a funny look. He says that Lex offered Lana something Clark didn't. "What held you back?" Lex asks. "I mean I know you love...loved her." Clark shrugs and says he guesses he just wasn't ready. "Maybe I never will be," he adds. Yep, the single "bachelor" life for him. Nightclubs and Ecstasy. Yow. Clark and Lex exchange a secret longing, an understanding, on this porch of incredibly beautiful lights. It is a gay moment for all time, a fantasia within a fantasia held together by memories and the Gayest Look of the Episode. Clark says he's glad Lex and Lana got together. He puts a hand on Lex's shoulder and breathes deeply before adding, "and you and I have remained such good friends." Oh, go on, reporter man. Lex pats Clark's kidney. He thanks Clark. MamaKent suddenly appears on the porch. Uh, nothing! We were just...patting each other! On the torso! Nothing's going on! MamaKent tells Lex that something's wrong with Lana.

Bright light flash. We're back in surgery. The doctor asks for suction. On the patient, Larry, geez! He asks for more suction and more exposure. Whatever you say, Dr. Dirk Diggler. The surgeon says intensely that they're losing Lex. Indeed, Lex's eyes are open and he looks pretty gone. He flatlines.

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