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Fa La La La La, La La La Lex

Bright flash to Lex's dream future. Sprightly music plays as Lex is driving and wondering who decided on a station wagon with "wood" paneling on the sides. Lex and the kid pull up to the homestead, which is decorated in colorful lights. Lana walks down the porch steps. Alex drags her over to see the tree, tied up on the station wagon. Lana and Lex give each other cute looks. "I know what you're thinking," Lex says. Lana suggests playfully that Lex is spoiling his son. Lex, in a very amusing spiel, that the tree is actually for him. He says that, after his mother died, Christmas wasn't celebrated in his house. It was a bleak and lonely time. When he saw this tree, he knew it was like the ones he dreamed about all the years he couldn't have one, and represented all the Christmases he missed. Also, there's a dead possum in the tree and he's going to make a kicky hat out of it. Everyone smiles. Lana tells her "honey" that it's the same thing Lex tells her every year. They hug. Lex looks around at his great life and smiles. It's all right that this not his beautiful wife, or his beautiful house or his beautiful life.

Lex and Alex drag the tree inside as Lana hunts for a tree skirt. Lex sees what looks like a popcorn tin and asks what it is. Lana says it's from Papa Luthor. Lex corrects her, saying that it's a corporate gift. Lana says it's Papa Luthor's way of reminding Lex of how disappointed he is: "Getting shot was the best thing that ever happened to you." She tells him that coming close to dying made Lex realize what was important, and made him the man he is today. "The man I married," she adds, before kissing him. Yeah, and getting shot kinda hurt like a bitch. Thanks, hon.

Flash back to the real Lex being transported on the gurney.

Then there's a quick cut to the rooftop where Clark is wasting an awful lot of time without Lana or anyone else noticing, apparently. Santa's surprised that Clark is giving up his Christmas with Lana to do the Toys for Tots thing. Somehow, in the conversation, it came up that Clark used to spy on Lana with his telescope. Oops, Clark. "Well, I wasn't spying on her," Clark says. He was spying at her. Clark says that Chloe gave up her Christmas plans, too. At least she's getting paid for it. Santa is very impressed with Clark and Chloe: "I guess I was wrong." Not by too much, sir. He says that the spirit of Christmas isn't dead. It's just inhabited by an alien with a low IQ. Clark asks if Santa's all right. "I am now," he says. Then he stumbles the fuck off the roof. As he falls, everything goes in slow motion. Clark runs down the side of the building in bullet time and gets there in time to catch Santa. Clark even catches the liquor bottle and hands it to him. Santa, shaken, walks off, bellowing, "Ho, ho, holy cow!" Clark wishes him a merry Christmas.

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