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Statue of Limitations

Elsewhere, sad-looking Dontember walks down a hallway, sighs a little and knocks on a door. Opening it is good ol' December, who says -- disappointedly or happily, you choose -- "I never thought I'd see you again." Dontember says Walter Bishop is back, they have the boy and there's something they need December to do. Man, Dontember, it's called small talk! It's what humans do. At least ask him how he's been! December stares at him impassively and Dontember finally says, "You owe me." December turns around and Dontember follows him back inside, closing the door behind him (No. 513, for what it's worth).

Daniel is a writer in Newfoundland with a wife and a daughter. Seriously: Lincoln Lee? Congratulations. Follow him on Twitter (@DanMacEachern) or email him at

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