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The Mirror of Erised

When Hurley enters the Murky Mikvah Mezzanine, the mikvah steps are empty at first glance, to us, but not to Hurley. He sees a man there, and then we do, too. Hugo asks where he might find the kitchen. The familiar voice replies, "It's all the way down the hallway, Hugo." Hurley stops dead in his tracks to get a good look at this man who is lit by a stray beam of sunlight. It's Jacob! He rises, approaches Hurley, tells him he needs his help, and suggests Hurley get a pen, because he's going to have to write a few things down. "Someone is coming to the island. I need you to help them find it." Okay, Jacob. Someone -- or them? Must we be this cryptic so late in the game? Apparently so, because here comes the title card to ensure we get no more details.

Theme Song!

L.A. Reality; Jack's Pad: Jack follows David to his room and tells him he hooked up cable in there so David can watch the Red Sox! David thanks him, as he'd damn well better, because this is 2004, baby. If I may intervene from the future, David, please feel free to skip tonight's game, unless, like your Dad, you think you're the reason we can't have nice things.

Jack notices David has been reading The Annotated Alice and tries to engage him in conversation, but David is a young teen AND a Shephard male, so um... nope. He walks out on Jack, who is trying to remind his son of his childhood love of Kitty and Snowdrop -- Alice's black and white kittens. Out in the kitchen, David grabs a soda, and Jack gestures for him to take off his headphones. "I'm trying to have a conversation with you, David." David says, "Why? We see each other like once a month. Can't we just... get through it?" Yeeowch!

Jack's phone chooses that moment to ring. David looks at his father with wide, expectant -- almost hopeful eyes, but when Jack decides to answer the phone, the boy's face returns to its usual hurt, disappointed expression. Jack asks for a moment, and David stalks off to grab some Pepperidge Farm Milano cookies. More white than black. It's Margo on the phone, reminding Jack he was going to come over and help her find the will. He tells her he's on the way and once he's off the phone, he invites David to accompany him to grandma's, but David says he'll pass. But I've got to call bullshit on one detail from this new reality. A teenaged boy only takes one cookie, and then he neatly folds the bag shut and secures it with one of those chip-clip things? C'mon. Anyhow, Jack tells the kid he'll be home in an hour or so, and then they'll eat. Enjoy talking to his back, Jack.

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