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The Mirror of Erised

Island; Claire's Lair: Claire drops what looks to be surgical instruments into a pot of water she's got boiling outside, and then sits down to sharpen her axe. Meanwhile, inside, Justin tries to get Jin to untie him, so he can snap Claire's neck, as he's certain she's going to kill both of them. Jin ignores him, which is good, because just then, Claire comes back inside. She tells Jin she's sorry he got stuck in the trap. She stitches up his wound and tells him how she had to stitch herself up once after they shot her right in the leg. Jin asks if she's been living in her lair since "we" left. Jin, you never left, dude! Claire says she moves around a lot, in order to hide from them. Then she and Justin start bickering about whether the Templars have her baby. Jin asks how she can be so sure they do. Claire says first her father told her (who, coincidentally, must have provided her with her surgical training), and then her friend told her. Jin's all, "Your friend? Who's your friend?" Claire says, "My friend. You're still my friend, aren't you, Jin?" Of course he is, Feral Claire. Please do not kill the Jin before he and Sun reunite. Once her patient is all stitched up, Claire turns her attention toward Justin. She rises and picks up her axe. "Okay! So, now, it's your turn." Commercial.

Jungle Trek: Hurley apologizes to Jack for "wrecking" his "game" with Kate. Jack explains that was pretty well and truly wrecked back in L.A. Hurley thought they were going to have a dozen babies and live happily ever after. Jack says how he'd be a terrible dad, and I know that's what you're trying to tell me, over in the L.A. reality, but damn it, Show, you've got to show me. I'm with Hurley, who says Jack would make a great dad. And Hurley knows from bad fathers, Jack.

Just then, the guys stumble across Shannon's asthma inhaler. They're at the rape caves! Inside, Hurley finds the Adam and Eve skeletons. "I totally forgot these were in here, man! Wait a sec... What if we traveled again, to like... dinosaur times, and then we died and were buried? What if the skeletons are... us?" That's it. Fair warning, Show, I'm never going to think those skeletons belong to anyone other than Bernard and Rose (or possibly Jacob and Esau's parents), so I hope that's where you're going. Meanwhile, Jack inspects the old pieces of the plane and tells Hurley how he originally found the cave by chasing the ghost of his dead father in the "White Rabbit" episode. "He led me here. That was his coffin, before I smashed it to pieces." Since Hurley never met Christian, he asks Jack what was up with the smashing. Jack answers: "Because he wasn't in it." Heh.

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