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The Mirror of Erised

Claire's Lair: Claire demands to know where Aaron is, and is ready to do Justin in, because he insists his people don't have the tot. They argue back and forth, and when she swings her axe back, Jin tells her to hold on. Claire is pissed. She rants that they stuck a huge lighthouse in the sixth, final and abbreviated season her with needles and branded her. She has a mark on her arm that looks like it came from a poker, much like the one Yoko used on Sayid. She gives Justin one more chance to tell her where her son is. Jin blurts out: "Kate took him! Kate took Aaron. She took him with her when she left the island. [...] He's been with her -- with Kate, for the past three years. Aaron is three." Claire, like her big brother before her, fights off the tears, but her lip trembles as she lowers her axe. Justin confirms that Jin is telling the truth, and begs to be set free. I can't tell if Claire is actually crying, because her wig of wingnuttery blocks my view. But anyhow, in exchange for his life, Justin promises his silence. Claire seems to be considering his offer, but she's actually just gathering her strength. She axes Justin right in the gut. As he dies, he slumps forward as far as his bonds will allow. Once her vorpal blade [has gone] snicker-snack, Claire steps out of her lair, leaving Jin wondering anew at Claire's batshit insanity. Commercial.

Lighthouse: As the men approach, Jack asks if Jacob is inside. Hurley says he guesses so, which smells like fudging to me. As he struggles with the door, Jack cracks, "Does it say anything on your arm about the door being jammed?" Ha! When Hurley says no, Jack kicks it open like the action hero he longs to be and we cut to...

L.A. Reality; Williams Conservatory: In the lobby, Jack sees a sign welcoming all candidates. Subtle, huh? He reaches the auditorium just as David begins his audition with "Fantasie Impromptu." Jack is entranced, as he watches his beautiful boy make beautiful music. I heard there was a secret chord that David played and it pleased the Lord... I'm sorry to earworm you with the overused "Hallelujah" but if I don't pass on the infection, it will consume me. Jack's eyes are now at super high-gloss. When David finishes, he rises and thanks the judging panel before walking off stage. Jack's tears still insist upon defying gravity. The broad smile on his face is his only weapon in fighting them off. Just then an Asian boy I like to think of as "Sean" asks, "Is that your son?" When Jack says it is, Sean says, "He's really good," before walking off to his own father's embrace. His father is none other than Yoko!

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