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If you don't know Des by now, you will never, never, never know him.

And now is the time for the pseudo-philosophical discussion between a guy named Locke and a guy named Hume -- like we GET it, you writers are SMART PEOPLE, and you prove it with the names you give your characters. Desmond asks if the reason Locke is letting the timer run down is because he needs to look down the barrel of a gun to find out what he really believes, WHATEVER THAT MEANS. Locke says he already looked down the barrel of a gun, and he believed, and he thought it was his destiny to get in here, and Boone died because he was stupid enough to believe in Locke too, and then Locke had a big hissyfit on top of the hatch, and the light came on, and he thought it was a sign, but it was probably just Desmond going to the bathroom. Well, a religion based on a foundation of Desmond taking a dump probably wouldn't be the weirdest thing. Meanwhile, Desmond's looking stunned, like something Locke has said has twigged something in him.

Meanwhile, Sayid's hit the shore, and he's stealthily making his way along the rocks towards the Others' village. He spies a hut with an open door, and creeps in, and enters. There's no one, nothing. Same with the next hut, and the next one. There's no sign of life anywhere. You know, whether this is a phony village or not, is this supposed to surprise Sayid? It wouldn't be much of an ambush if the Others just hung around their huts waiting for the Lostaways to invade their camp, now would it?

Sayid sees the rectangle-hatch doors, and slowly approaches. He throws open the door and points his rifle in -- but there's nothing there, just the rock face that this hatch entrance façade has been built into. This is not quite what Sayid expected, clearly, and he looks around all concerned.

So Jack, what was that plan of yours? Are we ever going to hear it? No? Thought not. Well, let's hope it works out for you. The five of them are traipsing by a clearing, and clearly not being too observant, because only Kate notices the GIANT PILE OF PLASTIC CANISTERS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE CLEARING. There's also the pneumatic tubing from Pearl station sticking out of the ground, which is where the canisters came from. And naturally, neither Locke nor Eko told anybody else about what they found, or else this might make a little more sense to them. And geez, how far does the tubing run from Pearl station anyway? I mean, I realize it couldn't just run straight up to the surface, because that'd kind of blow the secret for the poor bastards filling the notebooks, but damn. And where exactly are the pneumatics?

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