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If you don't know Des by now, you will never, never, never know him.

So okay. The electromagnawhatsis is real, and the button releases the charge so it doesn't build up. But given how apeshit things go instantly after 108 minutes, should they maybe have shortened the intervals at which the charge is released? Like make it every hour or so? And what's the deal with the hieroglyphs anyway? Is that ever going to be explained?

Back in the present day, Desmond's going over Locke's printout, and asks Locke how long ago the Lostaways came here. "Sixty, sixty-five days," says Locke, but Desmond means the date. "September 22nd," says Locke. And Desmond finds it: the number 92204:16, which isn't followed by the usual "accepted," but by SYSTEM FAILURE over and over again. Desmond doesn't say anything for a moment, because he needs the camera to finish its rotation around his amazed face, so Locke says the date again. "I think I crashed your plane," he says. Locke says, "You sank my battleship!" Maybe when we come back from commercial, Locke will ask Desmond why he was letting Locke let the timer run out when he knows the shit that will go down. And also, if he knew that there wasn't anything to quarantine himself from, why was he still injecting himself when the Lostaways finally made it into the hatch?

The Others are leading Kate, Jack, Hurley and Sawyer down a long pier. Zeke cracks me up whenever I see him. That beard rules. He's either cheering for the Oilers, Sabres, or Hurricanes. Michael is not bound, gagged, or hooded. At the end of the pier, the Lostaways are forced to kneel, and their hoods are taken off. Despite his gag, Sawyer manages to make his "son of a bitch!" understood perfectly, so Wilson Pickett knees him in the stomach. Zeke orders everyone to calm down. Jack looks at Michael, who can't hold his gaze. A gagged Kate says, "It's fake. We know that your beard is fake." Zeke says he couldn't quite make that out. Miss Hint says, "She says she knows your beard's fake, Tom." So Zeke thanks Kate for pointing that out, as he removes the beard and moustache, because it really itches. Then he turns to Miss Information: "And thanks for telling them my name, Bea," like real mature to do the exact same thing.

Then the boat we first saw a year ago pulls up to the pier, and everybody watches (we also see Alex among the Others), and getting out is the Other who's been conspicuous by his absence this episode: Henry Gale. He strides down the pier like a colonel arriving by helicopter to inspect the troops. He gives Michael a good, long look as he passes by, and stops in front of Jack. He smiles and nods. "Hello again," he says. And they call Zeke "Mr. Friendly"? Speaking of Zeke, Henry looks at him and asks where his beard is. "I think they know," says a sheepish and clearly deferential Zeke. So Henry's "him," is he? Henry looks at Michael. "All right, let's take care of business, shall we?" Michael looks like he wants to throw up. Kate looks like she's about to cry. Nobody says anything for a good long moment.

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