Live Together, Die Alone

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If you don't know Des by now, you will never, never, never know him.

Eko's staggered back to the computer room, where a disoriented Locke is standing amidst the general non-chaos of the computer room. But now things are starting to happen here -- the metallic timer box crunches in on itself. "I was wrong," says Locke. "Looks like I owe you a Coke." He and Eko stare at each other. There will be plenty of time for mea culpas later, so if I may offer a suggestion, boys: MOVE YOUR ASSES.

Below them, Desmond's made it to the failsafe. He lifts the lid, which flies away. He stares at the keyhole, and makes the sign of the cross before inserting the key, which I guess isn't made of metal. We see a couple of quick cuts to Penelope and her dramatic tear-stained cheek, as we hear her voice repeat the most salient part of her contribution to Desmond's defining object: "All we really need to survive is one person who truly loves us. And you have her. I will wait for you. Always. I love you." Desmond says, "I love you, Penny," and he turns the key.

The screen goes white.

Back at the pier, everybody's just standing around still, and there's a loud vibrating noise, and the ground seems to be shaking. Henry looks pissed, almost like he has some idea what's happening, and everyone covers his ears and the screen gets bright and high-contrasty. On the boat, Sun and Jin and Sayid -- guess he lit his signal fire and fucked off, hey? -- do the same thing. The noise keeps getting higher and higher pitched, as we see the Lostaways on the beach reacting the same way, dropping to their knees and covering their ears, and Aaron screaming in his crib because he can't cover his ears. Claire picks him up and tries to calm him, even though she's freaking out too. A quick shot of the sky reveals it to be purple, not blue.

Eventually, the noise fades, and Henry stops glaring at the sky as everyone around him recovers, and the light goes back to normal. Everyone, everywhere -- Jack, Sawyer, Bernard, Claire -- look around fearfully. Then Bernard and Claire look up in the sky, and see a large object spinning, falling towards them. Bernard hustles Claire out of the way, and the object crashes into the sand directly behind them. They look over their shoulders, at the quarantine door from Swan station.

After the commercial, the Lostaways have decidedly not fallen apart without the presence of most of the main cast. They're cleaning things up -- the beach pantry has food scattered all over the place. Maybe Bernard's organized things? Nah, there's no mutiny. A dazed Charlie comes out of the jungle, and Bernard asks if he's okay. "It's hard to tell, exactly. But, my ears, you know?" is the non-answer. Bernard asks where Locke and Eko are. Because Bernard knew they were all at the hatch? Don't think so! Charlie's just surprised to find out Eko and Locke aren't "back" yet. Then he sees Claire looking at him whilst rocking Aaron, and she smiles slightly, looking inexplicably relieved that Charlie's all right. Charlie smiles, because yeeeeeeaaaaaahhhh. The yummy mummy likes him again.

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