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If you don't know Des by now, you will never, never, never know him.

Eko's in the computer room, doing his button duty and carving more, presumably misspelled, things into his Bible Thumper. Suddenly there's the sound of power shorting out, and the room goes black. Momentarily, emergency lights come on, bathing the room in yellow. Eko looks around in alarm. The timer's at 101 minutes when he gets up to investigate. He strolls down the hall, and finds that the circuit box has been tampered with. He seems to be processing this when the countdown begins, the same one that came on just before the blast doors came down the last time. And when the gears start grinding again, he sprints towards the rapidly lowering doors. He reaches and tries to slide his Jesus stick underneath -- because a wooden staff might stop thick steel blast doors -- and Locke snatches it up inside the computer room, where he's with Desmond, who's fiddling with wires in some other control box. Desmond asks if he's sure about this, and Locke says he's more sure than he's ever been about anything in his life. Eko, meanwhile, is hammering on the doors and demanding to be let in. "All right then, box man. We wait," says Desmond.

Flashback to Desmond being tossed and turned aboard the Elizabeth on the high seas. Yeah, this is much better than being with the woman you love, I suppose. He lashes the wheel to the railing and fights the wind and the waves and the listing ship to head below deck. The first thing he grabs, naturally, is that defining object, the Dickens book. I thought for a second he might kick back and put his feet up. Instead, he wraps it in plastic and duct tape and stuffs it in his jacket. He grabs some other orange thing that is probably important for his ocean survival, but not nearly as important, storytelling-wise, as a trite plot device. Back on deck, he gets knocked out.

And we get a quick-cut montage, featuring overlays and quick zooms and washed-out views of Craphole Island with a guy in a yellow Hazmat suit (or maybe they're Ghostbusters in their summer colors) coming for a washed-up (literally) Desmond on the beach, and dragging him through the jungle.

More quick cuts and zooming as I develop a headache and also possibly epilepsy as Desmond recuperates in Swan station, and a yellow Ghostbuster discovers his book and throws it down in seeming anger. Maybe he's read that one. Or he prefers Zola.

The guy takes off his mask, and wouldn't you know it, it's Clancy Motherfucking Brown, otherwise known as Sayid's torture mentor. He notices Desmond groggily looking at him and crouches by the bed. "Are you him?" he asks. Desmond's all, whuh? "What did one snowman say to the other snowman?" tries Clancy. Desmond's all, zuh? Clancy looks disappointed. Nice one, Desmond, you fat barrel of monkey spunk. Clancy introduces himself as "Kelvin Inman." Desmond asks what happened to his boat. Clancy says he found Desmond washed up on the beach: "There was no boat."

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