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O Brother, Where Art Thy Brains?

Commercials. This week, if you haven't tried Pizza Hut's new P'Xone, Tommy Davidson will carjack your ass. It's that simple: buy the P'Zone, keep your car. Otherwise, keep an eye out for a guy in a leather jacket rapping on your car window with a tire iron that he will soon be using to beat your brains out. I still haven't tried the P'Zone. And I've decided I won't be leaving my house for a while, either. Meanwhile, the brains are beginning to seep out of the bald guy on ER's ears. Watch ER and see what happens when doctors get brain damage.

At Strikes, the clock is about to strike 10 as the group sits around the bar glumly. It looks like nobody has shown up for the grand opening, and Lloyd and Ed get up to go look at the front doors to see if anyone's there. As they round the corner, there's a literal throng of people outside the doors impatiently waiting to get in. The Stevens brothers open the doors and the people stampede like The Who is inside tuning up. The musical montage of the week cranks up as "Who's Got The Last Laugh Now" begins playing. Actually, it's a pretty boring musical montage, since it just shows people bowling and having fun as the Stevens brothers walk around like they own the joint and have an office full of cocaine in the back. The scene's got a sleazy Blow/ Boogie Nights/ Scarface kinda feel to it. Something tells me Ed's going to walk in on Lloyd putting coke on the tip of his penis by the end of the show.

Over at the frat party, Warren's hanging out with Grandma Moses, who asks him if he wants to see something "cool." Warren asks if she means "cool" as in his cousin who's double-jointed, and can bend his thumb backwards. Granny takes his hand and leads him through the crowd and up some stairs. Warren's telling himself to be cool, be cool. The poor guy's probably ejaculated twice since he walked through the door. Granny takes him up to the frat's sex room, and Warren's babbling like a possessed baby. Granny asks him if he knows what would be fun, and he blurts, "ParcheEsi?" and then covers all the fine points of the board game. Granny giggles and starts taking his coat off and sitting him down on a couch, saying that she was thinking of something more along the lines of "Spin the Bottle." Warren says that's another timeless classic, but that with two people, it kind of defeats the purpose of kissing random people. Granny spins the bottle, doesn't really bother to see who it may be pointing at, and starts kissing Warren. Warren is in heaven, since he's never kissed a woman who wore Depends, unless you count the time his Aunt Tessie got drunk at Christmas. Warren asks Granny to marry him, and she tells him it's his turn to spin the bottle. He grabs the bottle and throws it, breaking it in a corner. They start getting hot and heavy, with Warren telling her that he really thinks she's the one, but then the scene fades away and we never find out "the one what?" Dammit, this shoddy editing is unnerving sometimes.

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