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O Brother, Where Art Thy Brains?

Apparently, Strikes is now closed after a successful grand opening evening, and the Stevens brothers are enjoying a beer together and wallowing in their success. Lloyd asks Ed whether he remembers the time Lloyd taught him how to ride a bike. Ed laughs and says he remembers. Lloyd says he was able to teach Ed how to ride a bike because he understood Ed. Never mind that he was seventeen while Ed was probably six; Lloyd understood Ed enough to teach him how to ride a bike. Lloyd's a little sloshed like Marge Schott's a little racist, and says, "I'm good at some things, aren't I?" Ed thinks for a second and says, "There are some things in this world that nobody can do better than you." This makes Lloyd chuckle and feel somewhat better about his pathetic existence as a vagabond with great ideas and no money or will to see them through. They decide to close up shop, and Ed reminds Lloyd that he has a meeting at 9 AM with the advertising guy. Lloyd wonders aloud if he's negotiable. Ed asks how much longer Lloyd's going to rub in the fact that he got cases of beer at a third off, and Lloyd tells him this will be going on the rest of his natural life.

Back at the Frat House, Warren and Granny are getting hotter and heavier than MegaMark after a marathon run. Warren starts unbuttoning his shirt and gets caught up on the buttons on his sleeves. "What? Are these made of titanium?" he squeaks. Granny gets the buttons unbuttoned and then removes her shirt. Warren makes a sound like a walrus missing the Final Jeopardy! question and losing everything. They continue making out when Granny stops. "I can't do this," she says. The sound that Warren made here was priceless. It was supposed to come out "Huh?" but it sounded like a duck saying "Huh?" Granny explains that she and her friends play this little game where they get points for doing stupid stuff. One of those things is sleeping with a virgin, which is 1,000 points. Warren, desperate to save face, squeals, "But I'm not a virgin!" Granny says she can't do this because it's just so wrong. Warren thinks about it for a second and then tells her that she will win this contest, and by God, he's going to help her win it. She is free to hump his brains out. He keeps telling her to go for the gold, but she says she can't. Warren reminds her that if she quits now, she'll quit for the rest of her life and always be known as a quitter and he can't let that happen to her. She puts her shirt back on and tells him goodbye. Warren asks her to please...not... go...out... that...and she walks out the door as he finishes, "door." He thinks for a second and runs out into the hallway. "Do any of your friends need 1,000 points?" he hollers.

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