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O Brother, Where Art Thy Brains?

Over at Strikes, Ed gets to the front door, which is locked, and finds a note from the advertising guy that says he was there at nine and maybe Lloyd would like to reschedule the meeting sometime in the future. This infuriates Ed, who begins thumping the note, trying to keep his anger in check. In Ed's office, he's still thumping that note as Lloyd walks in. Ed asks him what time it is, and Lloyd has no idea. It's noon. Lloyd says he overslept because he was so wound up over the success of the opening night that he laid awake and fantasized about being known as Mr. Molly Hudson until 5 AM. Ed reminds him that he missed the meeting with the advertising guy. Lloyd says, "Oh yeah," and that he will just reschedule the meeting, no biggie. Ed goes off on him, saying that Lloyd has already missed a meeting on the second day of the club's opening, and that Lloyd hasn't changed, and that he's a loser, and that he probably can't tie his own shoes and has to have his Mommy tie his shoes, and then he calls him an insufferable fuck, which really took me by surprise because this is NBC and all and you just don't hear the f-word bandied around like you do on CBS during that 9-11 show and then...well, then Lloyd shoots Ed dead. Yep. That's how it happened, all right. Um...okay, none of that last part really happened, but it would have really jazzed the scene up if it had. Basically, Lloyd's a slacker -- always has been, always will be -- and Ed's sick of it. Ed hands him the business budget and tells him he'll have to know it backward and forward for their meeting with the bank guy at 7 AM Monday morning. Lloyd asks why they have to meet him at 7 AM. Ed says, "Dammit, Lloyd!" Lloyd says fine...he'll know it. Ed leaves him sitting in his office in a huff and Lloyd gets that look on his face that says running a business isn't going to be nearly as fun as thinking about running a business. Tell me about it, Bill Gates. That bowling alley management gig's a bitch, huh?

Nancy and Mike are walking into the Goat, and run into Stevie and some college chick who's probably actually college-aged, not like Warren's elderly companion. It's an uncomfortable position for both Nancy and Stevie. Stevie introduces his companion Shelley to Mike and Nancy. They met on the David Lynch website. Nancy says she didn't know that Stevie was a fan of David Lynch, and Stevie says there's a lot Nancy doesn't know about him, which was intended to sting her, but the slam nearly knocked her on her fine, dancing ass. Nancy seems a bit ruffled as Stevie says he'll see her around, and leaves with Shelley on his arm. Mike starts singing, "Uptown Girl...you're his Uptown Girl." Nancy hits Mike as he grins, glad that his wife isn't hanging out with teenage boys on the internet anymore.

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